has it only been a week?

It feels like we’ve been in Mississippi forever. I think Cate has decided that this is her new home. She’s finally starting to relax and sleep somewhat normally here, and now we’re about to leave for yet another totally new and unfamiliar environment. Sigh.

My sister was supposed to fly back to New York yesterday, but appears to have come down with some sort of devil stomach virus, so she had to reschedule her flight yesterday. And again today. Now she’s thinking that maybe she’ll fly back on Friday or Saturday. Poor thing, she’s been absolutely miserable, and Cate has been so sad without her beloved “Dacy” to entertain her.

Luckily, none of the rest of us have come down with whatever it is that’s making her sick, so that’s good. Watch, I just jinxed us all by saying that.

My mom’s been having a lot of post-chemo tests run while we’ve been here. Yesterday she had a bone scan to find out whether or not her cancer had metasticized (sp?). We found out today that she is cancer-free, so that’s great news.

According to Dave, our stuff arrived at our house in North Carolina today, and it’s looking good so far. The movers did manage to dent my car, but it’s just cosmetic and the movers are going to have to compensate us for the damage. Still… ugh. Sucks.

Cate and I fly up to Raleigh tomorrow. I can’t wait to see Dave – Cate and I have both really missed him for the past ten (10!) days. Cate really misses the cats too; my parents’ cat is kind of mean and hisses anytime Cate goes near her, so I know she’ll be so happy when she can go back to abusing Beaumont all the live-long day.

More updates when I have Internet access again. Friday, I think? I’m not sure. Hopefully soon.

Edited to add: More pictures have been added to the Flickr set of our trip. You can even go see pictures of my mama’s cute little bald head in there.

Tracy, Cindy & Cate enjoy some pool time

Good times.

7 thoughts on “has it only been a week?

  1. Wow! That was a fast 10 days! I’m sure C-baby will love being back with her daddy and kitty enough that she is ok with having to move around again. Plus, she gets all of her stuff back. When we got here, we set up Miss C’s room first so she had a place with her stuff. It seemed to help with the transition.

  2. I have my fingers crossed for your mom, and you and your sister are SO CUTE! You look so much alike! Have a good flight to NC!

  3. Hooray for your mom’s cancer-free-self! Yay!

    I hope Tracy’s feeling better today. Stomach bugs are so miserable.

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