the winner (for now)

I chose the peekaboo picture for the sidebar – if you don’t see it, you might need to refresh your browser. I do really love that laugh that she’s doing. The only thing that bugged me about the other picture (um, #1 in the top 3, if that makes sense) is that there was a window between our heads, and it was kind of an odd bright spot in the middle of the photo. I do think that I looked better in that picture, which really should be all that matters (ha ha), but I think this one is a funnier picture of Cate, and I like the sort of smeary effects around the edges (which was a total accident). Hopefully I can stand to see my weird neck angle on this picture for a while.

Of course, I’m going to be seeing my sister next month, who’s responsible for almost every really good picture of me and Cate ever taken (like this one, and this one… and also this one), so I’ll probably soon have a super-fabulous picture that I’ll end up using on the sidebar instead of this one.

And speaking of my sister, the first thing that both she and my mom told me upon seeing these pictures is that I am apparently in desperate need of a good eyebrow-waxing. I love my family.

Meanwhile, just to brighten up your Monday, here’s a video I took yesterday of Cate and Beaumont playing in the front yard.

You might think that she’s saying “hi” and running toward me at the beginning of the video, but no, it’s all about the cat. Of course.

4 thoughts on “the winner (for now)

  1. That’s a great photo! And the best photos of kids are always laughing, IMOP. My baby is only seven months old but laughs a lot now and it cracks me up!

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