my mini-vanity project

It recently occurred to me that the little “Favorite Picture” over there in the sidebar is from Christmas, and cute as it is, Cate looks nothing like that now. So I decided it was time to update the picture, and I’ve been trying to get a good picture of Cate and me this weekend. None of the pictures we took yesterday really worked at all, because I think I look weird in almost all of them.

the first attempt at getting a new pic of us

Something about my makeup was too harsh. Also, if you have dark hair, you probably shouldn’t wear a black shirt in photos, because you just look like a pasty disembodied head. As for Cate, she was just not in the mood to look at the camera. And when she did, well…

Cate does her best "blue steel"

Apparently she’s been watching Zoolander without our knowledge, because she’s clearly giving us her best “Blue Steel.”

Today we had a few better results:

camera? mine?

“Oh hai! I can has camera?”

As for me, I took notes from yesterday and tried to soften up the makeup a little (note to self: start doing that every day, because some of those pictures from yesterday were SCARY) and wore a blue shirt so there’s no way it would blend in with my hair.

These are my top three:

Mama and Cate

This one cracks me up because we were both genuinely laughing. I just wish you could see her pretty eyes.

playing peekaboo over my shoulder

The angle of my head looks kind of strange, but I love it when she gets behind me and plays peekaboo over my shoulder, which is what she was doing here.

I like this one

I love this because you can see her pretty blue eyes and her hair looks adorable (check out those curls!), I just wish she had been smiling.

I don’t know, what do y’all think? Any favorites?

7 thoughts on “my mini-vanity project

  1. #2. Peekaboo! Love it! The others are good, but peekaboo really captures something good about what she’s up to at this age. 🙂

  2. #2. Peekaboo! Love it! The others are good, but peekaboo really captures something great about what she’s up to at this age. 🙂

  3. Der! Maybe one of these days I’ll learn to leave one comment instead of hitting submit when I thought I didn’t. I blame the heat.

  4. (Yes, I did just hear you say “What, so we don’t look pretty in the other two?”) Of course you both look pretty in all three, but the first one has the best combination of spantaneous and photogenic.

  5. The ‘Blue Steel’ one is my fave too

    I don’t know who she got that from… 🙂

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