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It’s July. That means we are moving this month. Gulp!

Really, I don’t know why I get so panicked and anxious whenever I think about it. It’s not like there’s that much packing left to do. Our bedroom and the kitchen are the bulk of it, plus sorting out the garden tools and whatnot in the garage. But that’s really it. The movers will be able to handle everything else in no time. A month seems like long enough to take care of those few things, right? So why do I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about it?

I think part of it is that I don’t know where we’re going yet. Our “representatives” in North Carolina (my faboo cousin Cat and her realtor friend Cara) went looking for houses for us a couple of weeks ago, and they found 3 good possibilities. Our top pick turned out to already be rented. The second pick was 20 miles from Dave’s office, which didn’t seem feasible. I would’ve been happy with the third pick (cute house, nice neighborhood), except the landlord seemed totally shady and kept trying to come up with ways to make us pay rent for July, when hello, we won’t even be living there until after August 1st. So we passed on that place. Cat and Cara are going out to look at houses again tomorrow, and hopefully will find something great. Fingers crossed. And hoo boy, I am going to owe them both some phenomenal gift baskets after all this is over.

I’m also trying to figure out transportation arrangements for the cats, which is giving me a headache. I can’t fly them cargo, because the airlines won’t take them if it’s over 85 degrees, and the odds are pretty good that it will be at least 85 in North Carolina in late July. So I’m looking at pet moving services, and lordy they’re expensive, but it’s worth it if it means that I won’t have to worry about them possibly suffocating from the heat. If any of you have had some experience with a professional pet moving service, please drop me an email and let me know, ok?

Oh, and if you have any spare Valiums lying around and want to donate them to a good cause? I’ll give you my home address. And probably a kiss on the mouth.

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  1. Sounds like normal move stuff. We do this a lot so its not as freaky for us. Is anyone driving a car to NC? If so, what about driving the cats? If not, you might check flight times for the cats and see if you can get them on a very early or very late flight to avoid temperature issues. I am sure you will find a great place to live!

  2. Dave is driving to NC, while Cate & I are flying to Mississippi to hang out with my folks for a week. But with 2 cats who hate each other, I don’t see how feasible it’ll be for him to bring both of them along and deal with sneaking them into motels (along with food, litter boxes, etc.). I’ve done it before with Teenie, but that was one cat, and I had my mom with me to hold open the back door while I snuck in with her and her gear.

    I hadn’t thought about doing a red-eye flight, but that’s not a bad idea.

  3. >>I?ll give you my home address. >>And probably a kiss on the mouth.

    I’ll find some.. Payment on delivery please


  4. A red-eye to NY and then an EARLY flight to Raleigh should work, as long as there are no delays on the 2nd leg. You can check delay statistics by airport and by airline. It was either the FAA or the TSA website, I can’t recall. There are also 3rd party non-govt sites that provide similar info.

    And a gift basket isn’t necessary–I’m getting y’all as neighbors (across town)! Woo!

  5. “Valium”
    “kiss on the mouth”
    “sneaking into motels”

    This post is going to have great stats. on google.

    And yes, we are looking forward to having y’all here. We even get to have a real Brit at our next Guy Fawks party to tell us if we’re doing it right (fire, beer… are we missing anything?).

  6. Just two things:

    Houses of Parliament
    Explosive Kegs

    Oh, and

    Pickled Eggs…

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