17 months

Today my girl is 17 months old. And as much as I really want to write a well thought-out, articulate entry about her awesomeness, I have got the most unbelievable headache today, so this is the best I can do.

Monthly milestones:
* Cate has more words than I can keep up with, and my suspicion is that she has even more that we just don’t understand, because Dave and I still aren’t very good at speaking toddler yet. We’re working on it.

* Names! Besides Mommy & Daddy, she knows all the kids’ names at daycare – Faith, Mason, Travis, Parker, and since Scarlett is too hard to say, she just calls her “baby”. (Even though Scarlett is about to turn 3.) And Patsy is either Passy or Bassy, since her P and B sounds sometimes get confused. She hasn’t got the cats’ names yet, but she’s shortened them all from “kitty-cat” to “catty,” which I find pretty funny.

Which reminds me, since she’s getting good with names, and we’re going to be seeing my family in a few weeks, I’ve pulled together some pictures of them and I’m going to start showing them to her every day and explaining who they are. She might not be able to say their names next month, but at least their faces will all be familiar, and that’s good enough. Although, seriously, if she calls my dad “Pop-Pop,” I have a feeling he will melt into a puddle on the floor, so I’m really hoping she can at least get that one.

* Her food issues are becoming less and less of a problem, and she’s eating a much wider variety of stuff, which is fantastic. She really seems to love seafood – popcorn shrimp in particular, although I’ve made baked fish fillets a few times and she always seems to end up eating a good portion of my dinner (not Dave’s, since I make his spicy and mine with just a little salt). She even likes tuna fish, which kind of shocked me, since it’s pretty strong-tasting. I know the food issues are going to resurface soon, so I’m just enjoying this while it lasts.

* Forget walking and running, dancing and jumping are where it’s at, man. I need to get a video of her jumping, but she only does it when she’s holding onto me for support, so I’ll have to get Dave to film it. But for now, here’s a video of her doing a little bit of her stompy dance. The lids on our septic tank are like her own little personal disco platforms, she likes to run to each of them and dance on them. I think it’s because they make a cool echo-y sound when she stomps them.

(Pardon the background noise of the air-conditioning unit. That’s what I get for filming behind the house.)

I know there’s more stuff, but I need to take another headache pill and go lie down before my brain explodes and oozes out of my ear. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “17 months

  1. Gosh, she is SO CUTE!!! Good luck with the pictures/names thing. When my nephew was her age, my brother in law used to show him pictures of us, and it worked.

    And, to answer your question, YES, people always ask if my bro and I are identical. We can be standing next to each other and we’ll get it. People hear “twin” and they stop listening! I have to gently explain to them how boys and girls are different.

  2. I love that dance. My favorite thing is how she goes from one to the other, like she needs to dance on all the lids.

    Heather, that’s awesome that people ask if your brother is an identical twin. It’s like my joke about e-baby– I say that I’m sure she’s Tony’s, but I’m not really sure she’s mine. People sometimes get upset that it sounds like I’m accusing HIM of infidelity! Ha!

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