exploding sheep trucks

I got the pictures from our trip to Atlanta posted – it seems kind of strange to have all of these happy smiling photos for a trip that was, overall, anything but happy. But my family’s get-togethers are always pretty fun, no matter how shitty the reason for the get-together may be. And there are some really good pictures in there, which is why I wanted them online.

So, this week had an interesting side-note. On Tuesday morning, Scott called and asked what I was doing on Wednesday night. I didn’t have anything scheduled, and he told me to leave it open, but it was a surprise and he wouldn’t tell me what it was. So Wednesday night, I meet up with Scott & Ted and we start walking toward some unknown venue for some unknown event. Turns out that Robin Williams was playing at the Showbox in Seattle, apparently trying out new material in small clubs. Somehow, Scott managed to get tickets, which is amazing when you consider how big an act Robin Williams is, and how small a venue the Showbox is (I believe the sign at the door said max capacity was in the 900 range). The show was really funny – except for the stupid bi-atch sitting next to me who I swear NEVER shut up for the entire show because she talked to her boyfriend the whole damn time. Even after the woman in front of me turned around and asked her to please keep it down because her talking was kind of distracting, she still kept on yakking. I wanted to punch her in her big peroxide-blonde head.

Oh, for those of you who are wondering, that subject line relates to a story that Dave told me earlier this week. A guy on his way to a local fair crashed his truck, with a trailer full of sheep, on the hill on Dave’s street. The truck caught on fire – the guy got out & was ok, but the sheep were slightly singed. Not hurt, though. The neighbors all rounded up the sheep, and apparently there were chunks of slightly burnt wool scattered all over the road. It’s one of those stories that wouldn’t be funny if anyone (or the sheep) had been seriously hurt, but because everyone got out ok, I thought it was hilarious. And I think “Exploding Sheep Trucks” would make an AWESOME name for a band.

Anyway, this afternoon marks the beginning of Bumbershoot, which is a huge 4-day music festival here in Seattle. Dave and I are going this evening, and I just got a phone call from Krissy and she apparently wants to tag along, which should be interesting.