that was a holiday?

Labor Day weekend was nice, but not nearly as restful as I was (foolishly, I suppose) expecting. Dave & I made it to Bumbershoot twice – on Friday evening and again on Monday afternoon. And we managed to avoid Krissy all weekend, so bonus points there. Friday evening was nice, it wasn’t too crowded, good music, we were provided constant entertainment by picking out the underage kids who were furtively pouring beer into their paper Pepsi cups, and those who were smoking weed and hiding it behind their hands like no one could see them. It was a great time, and the only downside was that everything closed down around 9:30 – I think the festival officially ends at 10 – and we weren’t ready to leave yet. But alas, we were booted out of the Beer Garden (much like Adam & Eve in their garden, but this didn’t involve snakes, apples, or nudity), and we headed home.

Saturday was Home Depot Day. We picked the paint color for the living room, but only bought a quart of it so we can decide whether or not we like it. We also looked at all the dozens of types of hardwood flooring and picked the one that Dave liked best. Of course, he first gravitated toward the stuff that cost $9 per square foot, but we found an alternative that’s only $2.97 a square foot and looks (in my opinion) just as good. It’s real hardwood, not laminate, but it’s the same snap-together style as the laminate. We measured the living room and dining room, and it’s about 375-400 square feet total, so even with the cheap hardwood flooring, it’s still going to be pretty pricey. Somehow, the trip to Home Depot managed to suck all the energy out of both of us – I think that happens when the enormity of everything you need to do starts to sink in – so that was all that we got accomplished on Saturday.

Sunday, we repainted Dave’s office (it needed a 2nd coat) and set up his new desk, which was far more elaborate a project than I had anticipated. It was one of those “we’re going to give you a million pieces and some really vague diagrams that are only partially in English, and let you cry and swear until you figure it out by yourself” Ikea style desks. I started taping the borders in the living room and took the pictures off the wall, but that’s the extent of what’s been done in that room. I’m starting to worry because I want to make sure the living room and dining room are done by the time the (gorgeous) new furniture gets delivered, and that’s only 3-5 weeks from now. I think I need my mom for this, she’s the home repair drill sergeant – everything would already be finished by now. But I think it’ll be ok. Right now the weather forecast for this weekend is chilly & rainy, so we won’t be missing anything by staying in & doing house work for two solid days. Whee!

Monday, Dave & I went back to Bumbershoot; this time, however, the crowd was absolutely out of control. I guess because it was the last day, everyone & their grandma decided to go. Good lord. Dave & I were only there for a couple of hours before we both started to get irritable and claustrophobic, so we headed home. I think the previous day’s house work had worn us both out. Dave headed home, I got take-out sushi from down the street, and I was in bed before midnight.

Oh, and today I learned that I may have a new project for work, which is in Olympia. Hell of a commute (about 60 miles), but it doesn’t involve getting on a plane, so I’m fine with that. I just may have to look into the Puget Sound area train system if this project is going to go on for any real length of time, though.