goodbye sleep, it's been fun, I'll miss you

This weekend I did something that may prevent me from rejoining society for the next few months: I got a Game Boy. It all started because Dave bought one, and since he knows how much I love old-school Super Mario Brothers, he bought the game for me. Of course, I ended up stealing his Game Boy & not giving it back, so eventually we came to the conclusion that I needed one of my own. And I bought a new Super Mario game (Mario & Luigi Super-Stars! Yeah!!), so I haven’t slept much this weekend. I just lie in bed with my Game Boy and work on building up good calluses on my thumbs. Fun stuff.

Actually, though, it was a pretty productive weekend. Our Thanksgiving plans are now set: my whole family is coming here, and Dave’s mom is coming over from the UK, so we’re going to have the Big Meeting Of The Families on Thanksgiving. I’m really excited to meet Dave’s mom, she seems like a hoot. I’m a little nervous about inflicting my entire family (parents & 2 siblings) on Dave & his mom, because we can be a pretty loud bunch. I think they’ll all like each other, but I’m a little worried about my dad. He hasn’t really ever met any of the guys that I’ve dated – or if he has, they were just introduced as “friends” so he didn’t know I was dating them – but he’s never been particularly friendly to any of my sister’s boyfriends. Granted, my dad is just not an overly warm guy in general – for example, Kris was my college roommate for 3 years and has been my best friend since 1996, and to this day, he still refers to her as “that ol’ gal, you know, your friend what’s-her-name…” Nice. So, I’m excited, but I’m sure that I’m going to be more than a little bit tense when the time comes.

Anyway, we’re talking about having our big Thanksgiving dinner at Dave’s house, since he has way more space than I do. (Four-bedroom house vs. one-bedroom apartment… hmmm, which to choose?) And to that end, we’ve now started to try to make Dave’s house look like an actual home, rather than a work-in-progress. It’s a really great house and has potential to be really beautiful, it just needs some work. So we started that this weekend – we went shopping for a sofa on Saturday, and ordered one (and a coordinating chair, boo-ya!) that I think is going to look amazing – that is, it will look amazing when it’s delivered in 4-6 weeks, by which point the living room will be painted and the carpet will be replaced with hardwood flooring. And yesterday, we painted Dave’s office so he can actually start using it.

By the way, does anyone happen to know if it’s difficult to install hardwood floors yourself, or is it something that requires a professional? We’re both down for any do-it-ourselves project, but that’s one thing that we don’t want to get screwed up.

Oh, and yes, I’m referring to all of these home-improvement projects with “we” even though it’s not my house – I’m marking my territory there, and Dave is cool with that, so it’s fine. 🙂

Alright, I gotta go see an Italian plumber about saving a princess from an evil monster…