More things I learned this weekend….

1. I have no respect for men who take seven (that’s right, 7) sips to finish one lousy shot of tequila.

2. I should try to do a better job of keeping my lack of respect of said individuals to myself, lest I find myself being challenged to drink a shot of tequila myself. (Which I did like a big girl, in one big gulp, thank you very much.)

3. Falling asleep while wearing mascara is a bad idea.

4. I RULE at Trivial Pursuit.

5. For someone who considers herself to be pretty self-analytical, I’m not nearly as good at verbalizing my neuroses as I like to think I am. It’s kind of startling to realize that, even as exceedingly verbal as my life tends to be, there are some things that I just can’t talk about because I can’t find the words to put to them. I suppose I should work on that. Meanwhile, moving on….

6. Edward Burns looks more & more like an overgrown frat boy in every movie he makes. Scott & I just watched “Confidence” last night, and it was a pretty good movie, but god, that guy seems like he’d be a total prick in real life.

7. The biggest bit of news: Jen got married!!! I knew it was coming up sometime this month, but I didn’t realize it was this weekend. I just called her today to catch up, and found out that she got hitched on Friday. I didn’t even know her new last name. Turns out that it’s Arel. Which is a fine name in itself, but Jen Arel sounds an awful lot like the word “general”, so I’m pretty sure she’s going to hyphenate. Her maiden name is Sterling, so that should be pretty & not too cumbersome.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend.