all the way from Memphis

Big news for Kris today: she got a job as a full-time staff accountant with a CPA firm in Memphis. She’s been a temp with them since January and was going to leave to go work at Goldsmith’s, but one of the main partners has kind of taken Kris under his wing, and apparently he can’t stand the thought of letting go of his little protege — and he no doubt realized what a genius she is — so he offered her a full-time job. With benefits. No more temping. No more cobra health insurance. Hooray!! I’m so excited for her.

This also means that she’s going to be one of the most insanely educated people I know, because on top of her BA in Communication and her MBA degree, now she’s also going back to school to get her accounting degree.

And after that, she’ll take over the world. And I can say I knew her when.

In other news…. I’m beat. Goodnight, folks.