baby pattern baldness

Somebody explain this to me…

Here’s Lucy’s hair when she was 3 weeks old.
Post-bath rage!
(It’s terrible that this picture makes me laugh, isn’t it? TINY FURY!!)

And this is what her hair looks like now, at almost 19 weeks.
Worst nap buddy ever. She won't stop "talking" and let me sleep!


I remember that something similar happened with Catie, so I went digging through the archives and found this.

Catie at 2-ish weeks old:
spiky hair

Same full head of dark hair that Lucy had when she was born, right? But by the time Catie was 4 months old:

Tummy time

Her blonde hair was well on its way.

So, I’m just baffled. What is with Lucy’s head? How can a baby go from a full head of hair to almost zero hair? Isn’t it supposed to go the other way?

Since we have to get out of the house for a showing, this one & I are going for a walk.

Luckily, she’s cute enough to pull off the look, but I have a feeling that when she’s older, she’s not going to like that one of her nicknames is Captain Baldy.

Two Months

Lucy turned two months old yesterday. We dressed up a little for the occasion.

Lucy is 2 months old today
(Tutu’ed onesie courtesy of Greis. It’s one of my favorite baby outfits ever.)

She had her two-month pediatrician visit today. Her current stats are:
Height: 22 1/2″
Head circumference: I don’t know, but it’s big. Like 96th percentile. We all have freakishly large heads in this family.
Weight: 12 pounds, 14 ounces

Considering that she was only 7 pounds, 1 ounce at birth, that means she’s almost doubled her weight in two months. I knew that she’d gotten a lot bigger, but DAMN.

Making herself at home.
“It just means there’s more of me to love.”

She got a few vaccines, which was awful, but overall the visit went well. She’s right on target developmentally.

As for other non-medical stuff, Lucy’s current likes include:
* Ceiling fans.
* Her big sister.
* Baths.
* Mommy’s singing (she might be alone on that one).
* Bottles, boobs, pacifiers… basically anything she can shove in her mouth.

Not quite clear why she had to come along to my doctor's appointment. (Because Daddy's at work!)
Exhibit A.

And her current dislikes:
* When people break eye contact with her. She wants face-time, all the time.
* Diaper changes.
* Pretty much all baby toys. She doesn’t care yet.
* Being set down anywhere (baby swing, bouncer, baby gym, etc.). She prefers to be held, and it’s just too damn bad if it inconveniences anyone.

Really, for the most part, she’s an incredibly good baby. She’s very smiley and sweet, and yes all newborns are difficult, but she’s just lovely to have around.

I mean, y’all. This girl.

We have tushie ruffles.

I am just so in love with her.