And it only took 7 years

In May of 2006, I found out I was pregnant with Catie.

I took this picture of myself in the bathroom mirror and captioned it, “Goodbye, waistline. It’s been fun.”

Good-bye waistline, it's been fun

Almost exactly 7 years later, that red shirt finally fits again.

This is the shirt I wore the day I found out I was pregnant with Catie. 7 years and 30 pounds later, it fits again. BOOM.

30 pounds down. I’m honestly not sure what my target weight is at this point, because all of my weight is distributed differently after having kids than it was before. (Oh, hello, widened child birthin’ hips!)

At one point, my goal was to get back in my size 10 jeans. But those jeans are over 7 years old and aren’t even in style anymore. And because I’m shaped differently, they give me flat Mom Ass. And nobody wants Mom Ass. So I’m going to have to figure out some other sort of defining metric as a goal.

So, even though I don’t know the end point, I’m really happy with how it’s going so far.

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    • That’s what my hair looks like about 2 hours after I hot roll it. The curl dies FAST in my bone-straight hair, but it stays pretty big.

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