happy shrieks

In case you were wondering what it sounds like at our house ALL THE TIME now.

(TwitVid won’t show up in an RSS reader, so you need to click through to see the video. Sorry about that.)

Actually, I take that back. Usually Catie is louder than Lucy. So you combine the two of them shrieking and it’s no wonder that Mommy is slamming a handful of ibuprofen every night. (My eeeeeears.)

I mean, it’s sweet. Of course it is. But, man. The VOLUME on those kids.

5 thoughts on “happy shrieks

  1. I love it! I have recently started doing sound recordings of the kids playing together (using voice memos on my phone). They are 20 months and 5 and it’s CRAZY the noise level and just chaos of noise. It can get old but I do adore it.

  2. Awwww! That’s like a blast from the past. Nice crawling lift up; she looks like she’ll be quite mobile soon, with that great tone of hers.

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