Merry Christmas 2010

Hope you all are having as nice a Christmas as we are.

Pre-Christmas: "Mommy, take my pitcha wif da Christmas tree"
This was taken a few days ago, before my parents arrived and my mom gave Catie a much-overdue haircut.

This is how she looked AFTER the haircut. Minus the grumpy face. Most of the time. Although, honestly? She looks like I feel most days. Complete annoyance with everything.
New haircut! Also, she looks like I feel most of the time.
Well, except I usually don’t drink out of a sippy cup. Or wear hot pink boots and mismatched leopard prints. But I figure she can get away with that at 3. On a 34 year-old pregnant lady, it would look… odd.

We cooked a ton of food. We went to Christmas Eve church service. We put food for Santa’s reindeer on the front lawn.

Putting out food for Santa's reindeer
(The reindeer also had to have a plate of baby carrots and a big bowl of water inside the house. In case they were still hungry. Of course.)

And today we opened presents.

Catie checking out her stocking on Christmas morning

Opening presents

Catie got the main present that she’s been asking Santa Claus for, ever since she saw it in a store a couple of months ago. “A white horsey in a purse.” She could not be happier.

"It's a white horsey in a purse!!!!"

As for the rest of us? Christmas is the day that we all stay in our jammies all day, and everybody gets at least one nap. That pretty much makes it the greatest holiday ever in my book.

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2010

  1. I think she looks super-awesome in her pink-green-leopard mix. She’s got style, for sure! The haircut is cute, too, but I’m thinking about where I can get me a green leopard mini and some pink boots. Then again, on a 37-yr-old mother… hm. not so much. I see what you mean.
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  2. I love Catie’s hair cut! I’m glad your whole family was there and it sounded like a really good time.

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