This is what happens when you have a girl

Catie has this issue with her hair. Specifically: she doesn’t want to do anything with it. Occasionally she’ll indulge me and let me put in some barrettes to hold it back out of her face, but most of the time, she wants nothing to do with it. She likes to wear her hair down, and she doesn’t want any accessories. I usually have to grab her and sit her on my lap just to brush it, then she’s off and running.

Because you aren't really a princess unless your crown has maribou feathers on it
Exhibit A: Just-brushed hair. This is about as good as it gets.

Which, you know, it’s fine. Sure, her hair usually has a slightly-messy thing going on, but she’s only three, so who cares?

One day she came home from daycare and had barrettes in her hair that weren’t ours. I knew she didn’t have anything in her hair when she left for daycare. The next day, I asked the teacher about it, she said that they have a little bowl full of ponytail holders and barrettes so they can get the hair out of the kids’ faces if it becomes a problem while they’re eating or working on an art project or what-have-you. Huh. Ok then.

Earlier this week, Dave picked Catie up from daycare, and when they walked in the door, her hair was in pigtails. This was amazing because she never lets me put her hair up in a ponytail or pigtails at all. And is there anything cuter than a little girl in pigtails?

studying constellations on the iPad
Exhibit B: I rest my case. Also: it totally freaks me out that she figured out her way around the iPad’s interface in two days, but we’ll leave that topic for another time.

I know that the only reason Catie allowed the pigtails is because the daycare teacher suggested it, not me. And that’s fine. But the next day, I asked her, “Hey, do you want Mommy to put your hair up like Ms. Sandy did yesterday?” She said, “Yeah!” So I did.

showing me the game she was playing on Dave's iPhone
Exhibit C: More cuteness. And yeah, she knows how to work the iPhone too. My Microsoft-y heart weeps, but she is a pretty devoted Mac girl already.

She let me put her hair up in pigtails again today. It’s weird how this is making all of my “someday I’ll have a little girl and I’ll play with her hair all day” fantasies surface. I freaking love putting her hair up for her. It’s kind of strange.

Also: exposed toddler neck. Cannot stop kissing. Don’t judge me.

12 thoughts on “This is what happens when you have a girl

  1. So cute!!! It’s crazy how they have such STRONG opinions at an early age!! Just had a “hair issue” with my 11 yr old, who thinks she looks so “cool” with bangs in her eyes..(Or one eye, with her head tilted) ha!

  2. I love playing w/ Bunny’s hair and she could care less. I still do it ad much as she’ll let me it makes up for my mom cutting my hair short my whole childhood
    .-= But Why Mommy´s last blog ..My Heart =-.

    • @But Why Mommy, I had long hair as a kid, but it was ALWAYS in a ponytail. My mom says I would always whine that my neck was too hot if it wasn’t pulled up. Why she never cut it short, I don’t know.

    • @AmazingGreis, Um, yeah. The iPad. Dave sort of brought that home and didn’t mention he was buying it.

      But then, I just went to Kohl’s and dropped over $100 on clothes and shoes, so I guess we’re even. Heh.

    • @Issa, The iPhone is BRILLIANT. We have our phones loaded up with toddler apps and we just hand it over to her whenever we need to her to be happy & quiet for a while: on airplanes, in restaurants, whatever. GENIUS.

  3. Catie came home the other day with matching braids and said she was the Swiss Miss Girl! Too cute! She lets me do her hair occasionally but most of the time she screams “no, let me do it myself!” Luckily her hair works out well no matter what we do with it the night before. Your Catie sure is growing up so fast! No doubt she’ll be programming before you know it. Neat I-pad, OBTW!
    .-= Lizard Breath´s last blog ..A photo blog =-.

    • @Lizard Breath, for the record, I did not know about or endorse the purchasing of that iPad. It is 100%, totally Dave’s toy. (Well, and now it’s sort of Catie’s toy too, I guess.)

      Hmm… Now I kind of want to see what my Catie would look like with braids!

  4. Can you send Catie to my house to teach me how to use an iphone? 🙂 She is too darn cute. Now I’m thinking of all kinds of different hair permutations: krimping, rollers, Princess Leia cinnamon buns…

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