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I had an idea for a blog post in my head, but then Catie got this stuffy nose that woke her up (and hence, woke me up) no less than six times last night, and now I can’t remember what I was going to write about. So until I get a decent night’s sleep and get my brain back, here’s some other stuff that may (or might not) interest you.

First, I had a post published over on Aiming Low! It’s something that I wrote three years ago, back when we were trying to get pregnant with Catie. Anyway, I love the ladies who write over there, they are a freaking hilarious group of women, so I’m honored to have my little guest post featured as part of their Three Day Weekend series.

Second, since I have no brain today, here’s another round of “Cute Things My Kid Has Said/Done Over the Past Few Days.” With pictures!

1. The Fashion Consultant

rockin' the blue shades

Catie’s recently become fascinated with playing dress-up, which is something she’s typically been indifferent about in the past. She suddenly has very big opinions about what she’s going to wear each day, which is also sort of a new development. I knew this was coming eventually, but it’s still surprising when it actually happens.

And then there’s the mimicking of the things that I say. The other day, she ran her hand down my chest, and said, “Mommy, I love this shirt on you.” Like she’s my own personal Tim Gunn or something. And it’s totally the kind of thing I say to her when she gets dressed in the morning, it just sounds doubly hilarious when someone three feet tall says it back to you.

2. Halloween

This is the first year that Catie has picked out her Halloween costume. And she picked a dinosaur.

we have found her Halloween costume

I cannot say how happy this makes me. I know that she most likely will have a princess phase, and that’s fine. I’ll deal with it when the time comes. But I’m also happy to put it off as long as possible. For now, I love that she has this balance of the super-girly – like, she adores pink and purple, she picks out clothes that have butterflies and flowers and hearts all over them – with the regular kid (or stereotypically “boy”) stuff. Like, she loves Thomas the Tank Engine, she has a weird sort of obsession with lizards, and when presented with aisles full of girly Halloween costumes – princesses, fairies, and ballerinas – she picks the dinosaur.

dressed up & chatting with Mimi & Pop-Pop on Skype

(FYI, the dinosaur costume looks great over yellow flowered PJs with a hot pink hat and mittens, and furry brown winter boots.)

And for those of you keeping track, last year she was a spider.

itsy bitsy spider

And the year before that, her first Halloween…

Two kitty-cats

…she was a cat. My mom made that costume. And that picture still cracks me up to this day.

3. Social Butterfly

We’ve been going for walks to explore our new neighborhood. She likes the new playground here a lot.

She likes the tunnel at the playground

It’s about ten-minute walk each way, although it’s more like 20 minutes going at a two year-old’s pace. There’s also a pool there, which is closed for the year; it’ll be fun next summer.

What amazed me was that one day when we went out for walk, we passed a group of kids (maybe 8 or 9 of them) that were playing freeze tag in their front yard. Catie ran over and said, “Hi, kids! I Catie!” And she just joined in the game. Of course she has no idea how to play freeze tag, but she ran all over the place with them and had a great time. She found two little girls (who were both a lot older than her; I’m guessing one was around 7, the other was probably 10) and she was holding their hands as they ran within about five minutes.

It’s just astounding to me, I don’t know that I was ever that brave when meeting new kids when I was little. I hope she keeps that ability and doesn’t get shy as she gets older. Because I think it’s awesome.

cute girl in her hoodie

I think she’s pretty awesome, too. You know, not that I’m biased or anything.

7 thoughts on “Random Friday

  1. Oh, the spider costume! We have that costume – my 3 year old was the spider for Halloween last year too. I think my 7 year old wore it 5 years ago. It’s such a cute costume I almost wish they could wear it every year.

  2. Your daughter is just precious! I found you via Aiming Low and love your blog! You shall be subscribed to!

  3. My (also totally unbiased) opinion is that she’s pretty awesome.

    I love the dinosaur costume. We will have a cowgirl. Riding a pink unicorn.

  4. So cute! Miss C will be supergirl (for preview shots, check my last blog post) but she is very much into princesses and tinkerbell. I love the variety of ideas I hear coming out of all of the kids!

  5. That girl is too cute. I love the different pictures of the Halloween costumes!

    Aren’t little kids so funny. When my niece was three this past summer we took her to the zoo and she ran up to every kid there and said “Hi, I’m Reagan. Want to come to my party?” There wasn’t actually a party, but all the kids were like “Yeah! Mom that girl invited me to her party!” Hilarious.

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