a day at the (kids') salon

Catie came home from daycare on Monday talking about how her little friend Kiersten got a haircut – which she pronounced like “ahh-cut,” making Dave & I giggle. She kept saying, “Catie needs a ahh-cut, too!” I was a little thrown off that she wanted a haircut, since normally I trim her bangs myself, and she’s never really been a fan of that. But ok, I guess this is part of her “I a big-girl now!” thing, so that’s fine.

I absolutely love her long hair, so I didn’t want to cut it short, but I have to admit, she was right about needing a haircut. I’ve noticed the tangles when I try to comb her hair out after washing it, so yes, she was definitely due for a trim.

Since she was so excited about the idea, I decided to make a big deal about it and go to the special kids’ hair salon, rather than just trimming it myself at home.

playing at the kids' hair salon

(And seriously, Snip-Its was fantastic. Yes, it’s a little pricey for a kids’ haircut, but the stores are set up really well with toys and cartoons and other distractions, and the people who work there have the patience of Job, I’m not kidding.)

playing at the kids' hair salon

It was all very exciting and fun while we were hanging out in the lobby. But when it was her turn for a haircut, Catie changed her mind. Suddenly it didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.

not really enjoying her first salon experience

not really enjoying her first salon experience

Is it horrible that I had a hard time not laughing during all of this? Probably.

As soon as her haircut was over, she was rewarded with her very first-ever lollipop (she chose the butterscotch flavor, which, eww, who likes that kind?), as well as a random prize that they give out to all of their customers. Catie’s prize happened to be a rubber purple dinosaur. They couldn’t have picked out a better prize for my child with her love of all things reptilian.

after the haircut, all is well again

Suddenly, all was well with the world again.

As for the lollipop, I told her to “lick, but don’t bite” it. So she just rubbed it on her tongue.

lollipop time

She did that the entire drive home. And she absolutely loved it.

So, yeah. We survived. And her hair looks pretty darn cute, I must admit.

after the haircut
Although I may trim it myself next time. I’m not sure that I’ll be up for the drama again for quite a while.

6 thoughts on “a day at the (kids') salon

  1. OMG! She is such a beautiful little girl! Alexandra has her first “big girl” hair appointment next Saturday at the same kind of place. Hopefully there won’t be any drama (wishful thinking)!

  2. So cute! We use Snip It’s too, Chase still doesn’t love the idea, but tolerates it. He LOVES putting a piece of his hair in the machine and getting a prize!

    She has such beautiful blonde hair!

  3. Oh goodness her hair looks adorable and I love her little purple fleur de lis t-shirt.
    I do most of the little hair trims around my house too. I always notice that bangs need cut about 3 days past when I should have made an appointment. But I take them to my salon right before school every year to get things all cleaned up and looking fresh.

  4. That little girl is so cute, it kills me! I love her t-shirt too. When I was pregnant with LMC, I had dreams of a dark haired little girl with bangs. Alas, my daughter has light brown, blonde-in-the-sunlight hair, and a cowlick on her forehead that is so large and wide, bangs are forever impossible. =)

    Kisses for Catie and her adorable haircut!

  5. Um I like the butterscotch lollypops! And how adorable was she? I’d have wanted to giggle too. She looked like you were having her scalped, then when she got her present and stuff she was in HEAVEN. Love it!

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