Potty-Training 2: Bathroom Boogaloo

As y’all probably remember, we tried to potty-train Catie back in May. I’d describe that venture as one great big, epic FAIL. She clearly wasn’t ready, and I had no prior potty-training experience so I had no clue how to help her through the transition.

Now, though, it’s three months later. And she seems to be completely potty-trained when she’s at the baby-sitter’s house. Meanwhile, if I ask her to sit on the potty at home, I get a bunch of histrionic wailing and “NO! NO POTTY!!” Hmm.

Clearly, something needs to be done. To be honest, I think I was thoroughly traumatized by that last potty-training attempt, so I just put it out of my head and figured I’d tackle it again… someday. With no concrete idea of when that would be, because I was too freaked out to imagine revisiting that whole debacle.

My sister Tracy and I were chatting online yesterday and she gave me this brilliant idea, and I’ve decided to run with it. Dave and I talk to Catie about the upcoming move a lot, and we’re always trying to reassure her how it’s all going to be great, because we don’t want her to get stressed out about it. So we talk about how it’s a really nice house, and we’ll all be there (Mommy, Daddy, Catie, Beaumont, & Teenie), and Catie’s big-girl bed will be there, and all of her toys, books, and movies will also be there. And oh, the fun we will have in our new house.

BUT (and this is where Tracy’s genius comes in), I told Catie last night, the one thing that our new house doesn’t have? Diapers. There are no diapers in the new house. At the new house, we all use the potty.

Catie is at daycare today, so we’re going to start working on this tomorrow. I think we’ll probably go the Pull-Up route for a day or two before going cold turkey to just big-girl panties, because that was a disaster last time.

Wish me luck. I’m sure I’m going to need it. (Oh, and if you have any potty-training pearls of wisdom, feel free to leave them in the comments for me.)

11 thoughts on “Potty-Training 2: Bathroom Boogaloo

  1. I think its a brilliant idea actually – just try to be positive and celebratory and happy every time she gets near that potty. Don’t get frustrated (like I often do) because it may put her off. GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. I suspect that, like everything with parenting, what works for one kid won’t work for the next but what worked for us, initially, was putting the little portable potty in the den, so she could just take a seat there in the middle of whatever was otherwise going on — Noggin, whatever — and potty without having to leave the action. Good luck.

  3. Ha! – all I said was “WE ALLLL USE THE POTTY AT THE NEW HOUSE” – I wasn’t aware there were no diapers at the new house! Wow! I hope that works – reminds me a bit of “lil’ alvin” who supposedly stole my poppy though! (Although that worked too. . .)

  4. I think that is a brilliant idea. Truly. Just don’t back down the first time she pees on your floor. 🙂

  5. You just gotta stay strong! She may have some accidents, but if she’s potty trained at school or the babysitter then she already knows what to do, it’s a matter of enforcing things. YOU.CAN.DO.IT!!!

    One of the families I babysit for use to make it known that BIG girls use the potty, and the incentive of pierced ears worked too!!! I hear M&M’s or stickers work wonders as well.

    Good luck!!!!

  6. Just be prepared there will be some accidents once you are over the hump it will be smooth sailing. It only took 2 days with my daughter when I made up my mind to do it and not give up. I explained the feeling she will get too, which I think helped her! Good luck I will come back to hear the update soon (I hope)

  7. Alexandra is going to be 2 in November so I’m not far behind you. She tells me when she is peeing in her diaper which means she’s ready to use the potty. Both my sisters have gone the M&M Route (or Smarties if she likes them better). 1 Smartie for peepee on the potty 2 Smarties for poopoo on the potty AND if she goes everyday on the potty, an entire box at the end of the week. Worked like a charm all 4 times (they have 2 each). I love the ideal of the new house having no diapers as well. Can’t wait to hear out it all goes. Best of luck!

  8. Both of my girls had reward charts. I got my charts from the dollar store and used little stickers. When they filled up a line they got a special treat. When they filled up the whole card they got to pick a special prize from the dollar store. Whatever they wanted. I can’t remember what one of them picked one time, but it was odd and not something I would have gotten for them at all (a pair of work gloves I think)

    Good luck!

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