throwing in the towel

I think it has become obviously, painfully clear that Catie is not ready for potty training. The poor kiddo hasn’t pooped since Friday night. She started complaining about it on Monday, but last night and this morning, it’s devolved into a pretty much constant screaming that, “Poop!! Mommy, poop hurts! Mommy help!!” It’s breaking my heart, I cannot take it.

Last night we used one of those BabyLax things (liquid glycerine suppositories), which did essentially nothing. (She pooped out the liquid, but nothing else.) This morning I had to give her an enema, which is something I hope to never ever do again for the rest of my damn life.

So far, I have no idea if the enema worked, because she screamed so much before and during the process that by the time it was all over, she promptly fell asleep on the couch. Which is where she is now. I guess I’ll find out when she wakes up. I wish she could poop in her sleep, but somehow I doubt it.

Oh, and I have a migraine from the stress of dealing with a thoroughly miserable little girl. Happy times for us. I think my parents are starting to wish they’d stayed in Mississippi. And my dad is so upset from seeing his precious grandbaby in so much pain that he has promised to never say another word about Catie getting potty trained. Direct quote: “If she’s still in diapers when she’s 18, I’m not going to say another word about it.” I’m planning to hold him to that.

I’ve promised her that as soon as she poops, we’re going to take her to the Life & Science Museum, so she can see all the animals and we can ride on the choo-choo train. I fully intend to follow through on that promise too, I just hope she can come through on her side of the bargain.

4 thoughts on “throwing in the towel

  1. oh noooo! so there weren’t enough poops last night! lotd, i hope she poops today!

  2. Poor baby. Poor you. I hope she poops soon and that the next time around goes smoother.

  3. OMG, that sounds horrible. Poor Catie. Poor you and Dave. I hope the enema does its magic soon.

  4. Poor little one. Our pediatrician told us that the three P’s help poop (prunes, pears and pineapple). Not sure if that helps but … Much luck, poor little one.

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