because apparently if the other mommybloggers jumped off a bridge, I would too

I’m having one of these weeks where there’s a bunch of stuff sort of swirling around in my head that I’m having a hard time sorting out. I can’t even write it out of my system, because I’m feeling all scatter-brained and sort of like I have ADD (which is odd, because that’s usually Dave’s department). So instead, I’m going to talk about something fun and superficial.

Kristen over at Motherhood Uncensored has started a challenge for other bloggers to try to get in shape along with her own journey, and she started a whole separate blog to talk about it. Most of them are doing the 30-Day Shred, which I tried to do and it totally screwed up my knees. (Which is not Jillian Michaels’ fault at all. I have bad knees. It runs in my family.)

But this month, they’re mixing it up with the two different trainers from the Biggest Loser, so there’s Team Jillian (the people doing the 30-Day Shred) and Team Bob. I found out that Bob has a DVD called “Weight Loss Yoga,” which sounded ideal for me. I love yoga, I want to lose weight, and yoga shouldn’t mess up my knees. So I ordered the DVD from Amazon and signed myself up for Team Bob.

I took “before” pictures, which I will not be posting until I have cute “after” pictures because OMG, I have a huge ass. (Sorry, Catie. That runs in the family too.) I mean, I knew I had a big butt, but seeing the profile photo of me wearing yoga pants? Good heavens. Scary.

Today was the first day, and it seems to be a really good workout. Much harder than your average yoga routine, and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be very, very sore later. My only complaint is that the music is awful. It sounds like a bad video game soundtrack; seriously, it’s a little “Legend of Zelda”-ish. So I’m going to have to make an iTunes playlist and play it along with the DVD so I don’t go insane.

Other than that, though, I’m pretty excited. It should be a lot of fun, and maybe the yoga will be good for helping me clear my head of all this randomness.