Catie is two years old today.

I’m sorry, I’ve got nothing else profound to say. I’ve been trying to think of something to write all day, but my mind is just blown. She’s TWO, y’all. Two!

I mean, good lord, didn’t I just take this picture last week?


And now she looks like this?

wearing her Aunt Tracy's rings

How did that HAPPEN???

I’m trying to put together a little video montage of the past year, like I did last year, but I’m having a hard time because there are so many videos to choose from that I absolutely love.

Like this one.

She started off this year as a crawling, generally non-verbal baby – she had a few words here & there, sure, but I wouldn’t say that we exactly communicated with each other.

Now, not only can she walk, she can run and dance. And she can talk your ear off.

It might be a couple of days before I get this montage video put together. Right now, I’m going to go make dinner for my birthday girl: chicken pie, her favorite. And then we have cupcakes (and a number 2 candle) for dessert. More pictures pending.

Just… two. My god.

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