dance party, then & now

This is my last post this year about Christmas, I swear.

I don’t know how many of y’all already saw this the first time, but during Christmas 2006, I was about 8 months pregnant with Catie, and we had this little impromptu dance party in our kitchen.

This was right after a wind storm knocked out our electricity for NINE DAYS, so I think that Dave and I were still delirious from the joy of having working appliances and hot running water again. As for the rest of my family? Well, they’re pretty much like that all the time.

(As for the song credits: the first bit is me singing “Bootylicious” – I know, right? – then we’re all dancing to a “Staying Alive” remix by a band called N’Trance. I have a lot of dance/pop on my iPod for when I work out.)

Flash forward two years later, to Christmas 2008, and apparently Catie continues our Christmas dance party tradition:

The song is “Shippin’ Up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys; you might recognize it if you saw “The Departed.” For some reason, that little Irish jig/punk rock combination makes her boogie every single time. She gets bored as soon as the guy starts to sing, she just likes the intro. That’s my girl – find the 30 seconds of a song that you like and play it over and over again. (Seriously, this video is just one of about 100 times we played the song. Every time it was over, she’d say “do again?”)

My favorite part of the video is around the 1:15 mark when she says “here goes!” and then launches into a full-on, spazzy, bouncy dance.

I have a few other videos from Christmas this year over on my YouTube page, which y’all are welcome to check out if you’re looking for some time to kill. Overall, it was a really great holiday.