Last night, one of my neighbors hosted a party at her house. It was basically just for the ladies, there was a rep there from some company that sells silver jewelry, which was the main purpose of the party. I went into it thinking that I might be able to find Christmas gifts for people, but everything was crazy expensive, so I didn’t buy anything.

As soon as I got there, Margaret (the neighbor who was hosting the party) offered me a glass of wine. And I thought, well, I’ve had a long week and I deserve a break, so sure, why not? Then I had another glass. And another. I’m not sure how much I drank in total; I felt fine while we were standing in the kitchen talking. Then I left to walk home (it was two houses down from us), and as soon as I started walking, I realized that I was drunk. Not buzzed, but full-on, “ok let’s concentrate really hard on left foot, right foot so I don’t fall down” sloppy drunk. Um, oops? That hadn’t been my intention.

Cate had been hanging out with Dave while I went to the party, and she was happy to see me when I got home, but I was scared to pick her up. I sat on the floor and hugged her instead. I took a shower while Dave changed her into her pj’s, and we got her to bed. I promptly passed out.

Today, I have been so. freaking. sick. All day. Oh my lord. I think wine hangovers are worse than almost any other form of alcohol.

This is why I almost never drink at all anymore, because Mommy doesn’t get a day off to lounge around and feel miserable. I just have to suck it up and deal, because this little girl of mine still wants to play and she wants my undivided attention. I know, I know, I totally brought it on myself, so I’m not asking for sympathy, I’m just whining because I feel bad. Also, Dave has a big deadline next week and he’s been working all day today, so it’s been just me and Cate on our own while he’s been slaving away in his office. It’s been a pretty rough day for everyone around here.

Right now, we’re waiting for some pizza to get delivered to our house, because I think we earned just a little bit of laziness.

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  1. Ugh. I’m a big fan of a multivitamin and 400 mg ibuprofen before bed, with a glass of water, because it’ll always help mitigate some of it. Hope you’re feeling better today!

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