I'm digging September in NC

We’ve had the most gorgeous weather here for the past few days – it’s been mild and in the mid-70’s, just about perfect. I really hope this is how summer is going to end, because last weekend it was in the 90’s and absolutely brutal. But this? This, I can totally handle.

On Friday, Cate and I met up with Cat and hit up a big consignment sale at one of the local outlet malls. Because did you hear? They’re having a boy! So Cat needed to stock up on onesies with puppy dogs and fire engines on them, and well, Cate and I just needed to get out of the house.

Which reminds me: the car situation. The movers finally sent me a check for $2400, based on the car’s weight. (Apparently our moving insurance was only 60 cents per pound, which makes no sense at all, since you can have a heavy thing that’s worth nothing or a lightweight thing that’s very expensive, but whatever.) I had AAA tow it to a local repair shop – one that was recommended by my insurance company – and they said that the repairs are going to cost over $4,000. My insurance company told me to send back the movers’ check with a “thanks, but this isn’t sufficient” letter, which I did. So, my car will get fixed, I’ll pay my $500 deductible, and that’ll be the last of it for me. Meanwhile, Progressive is going to unleash their Mighty Lawyer Hellhounds on the moving company to try to get the full amount out of them. But either way, I have nothing to do with it from that point onward. So hooray! My car is getting fixed! And it should be ready this Wednesday, which is great. I mean, boo on paying $500, but at least they promised that this won’t make our insurance premiums go up since this whole thing was in no way my fault. I wasn’t even there when it happened.

The point is, after 6 weeks of being a single-car family, we’re kind of going insane. There have been a lot of days that Dave has to go into the office, which means he takes the car and Cate and I are stuck at home with no transportation. So, since he was able to work from home on Friday and we had the opportunity to meet up with Cat and go shopping? Even though I was just tagging along and didn’t need to buy anything? HECK YEAH! Anything to rid myself of this cabin fever.

(Oh, and for the people who suggest that I drop Dave off at the office so I could have the car all day: yes, I suppose we could do that. But it’s 12 miles from our house to his office. That’s 24 miles round-trip, and if I’m dropping him off & picking him up, that’s 48 miles in one day. Gas is expensive, and Cate tends to throw up if she’s in the car for more than 15 minutes. So really? Kind of not worth it.)

Ok, apologies for the random aside. Back to the weekend recap. Yesterday, we hit Target in the morning and got some items crossed off our shopping list. In the afternoon, since the weather was so nice, we headed over to our town’s community park. It was our first time there, and it was really nice. There’s a big lake, with ducks and geese in it. I had brought some bread to feed them, so they swarmed all around us, which was pretty exciting, since Cate had never been that close to a duck or a goose before.

But, some of the ducks were either shy or not hungry, and they didn’t come onto the shore. Cate decided that was no good, so she’d just go hop in the lake and try to grab them herself. When her plan to go splash in the filthy lake with the big “NO WADING OR SWIMMING AT ANY TIME” sign was thwarted… oh, she was angry. She threw quite an epic tantrum, to the point that we had to move far away from the lake and the assorted water fowl, just to get her to chill out. She eventually did, and we had fun people-watching. Especially the people who brought their dogs to the park. (Oh, how my girl loves doggies. She freaks out every time one is within view.)

Today is another gorgeous day, although Dave and I spent most of the morning cleaning. Bummer, but the house is looking (and smelling) really nice. Cate is napping right now, but when she wakes up, we’re going to head over to our neighborhood playground. It’s pretty dinky, but she likes it, and it’s a nice 15-minute walk to get there, so mama will get some exercise too. Should be fun.

5 thoughts on “I'm digging September in NC

  1. That sounds so great! Seattle weather has changed up. Blech. Yesterday was 59 degrees and rain. Congrats on the car fixing the boo boo!

  2. YAY fixed car coming home soon! The duck outing sounds like fun, except the whole keeping baby out of the lake business.

  3. I just re-read my comment. So much for commenting when I’m talking on the phone with a friend about her baby. Sheesh. Talk about your crossed wires. Glad your car is getting fixed. No more boo-boo for choo-choo go vroom. Think Cara needs nap now.

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