weekend photo essay

I don’t really know how to sum up our weekend, so here are some of the 100 or so pictures we took.

First, Cate got some new toys from my parents that she really, really loved.

Tracy & Cate (with her new toy)

And she was generally loved on by everyone.

my brother's face in the background cracks me up

Cate & Tracy going out for a walk

Pop-Pop and Cate having some snuggle time

The musicians in our family kept us entertained.

Cate dancing while my brother plays guitar

Cate helping her daddy play guitar

We also had a playdate with Cat, Tony & Elizabeth.

Cat juggling 2 toddlers

Later, we went out for dinner, where my sister took this fantastic picture of Cat & Elizabeth.

Cat & Elizabeth

The girls sat in their booster chairs next to each other and were pretty well-behaved for the entire meal.

Two Toddlers at TGI Friday's

More than any other activity this weekend, though, Cate ran in circles playing peekaboo with everyone. It kept us all laughing, and made her hysterically happy, so that worked out well.

look at how long her hair has gotten!!

It was a good weekend. (You can see the whole set here if you want.)

3 thoughts on “weekend photo essay

  1. I just love that dress in the last picture. We had a great time with y’all, but I wish we could have seen more of everyone!

  2. The dress was an impulse buy at Target when Mom & I went shopping on Friday. So it’s still available there if you need to get one for e-baby. They also had a bunch of other really cute dresses that my mom wanted to buy too, but I tried to reign in her spending a little – between my mom & Tracy, the kiddo already has an entire fall wardrobe ready to go!

    I wish we could’ve seen more of y’all too. Definitely at Christmas, when everyone is around for more than a couple of days, we’ll have to set up more than one playdate.

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