real estate purgatory

Our house is kinda-sorta on the market, but not totally there just yet. Renee, our realtor, came over today to take pictures of the house and to fill out paperwork with us. So that part is done, which technically means we’re on the market, but we’re holding off a couple of days to “officially” list because she wants to do an all-out marketing campaign: flyers, ads, the whole nine yards.

So to sum up: we have a lockbox on the door, but no sign in the yard. I guess we’re in some sort of real estate limbo for the next couple of days.

lockbox! On the door! That means we're almost officially on the market, right?

See? Lockbox. So we’re almost there, right?

I followed Renee around while she was taking pictures today and took a few myself. Then I went and dug up all of the pictures that I took way back when we first started all of these home improvements, so I could do a little before and after comparison. Check it out:

before: front of the house

after: front of the house

You can see the whole set here if you want. The pictures of the kitchen at the end are my favorite.

I’m actually kind of happy that we aren’t listing until Tuesday because it gives me time to do a couple more things that I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had time to do yet. Nothing that would really be required for the house, just some minor extra stuff to jazz the place up a little bit.

So, there you have it. Not all the way there, but hooray for progress!!

3 thoughts on “real estate purgatory

  1. Holy Moley, your house looks FAN-effing-TASTIC! Wow. I love the everything you did to it. Almost makes you sad to sell it… almost. 😉

    I love the garden in front with a sidewalk to the deck in back. I love the shutters. And I HONESTLY never noticed that you had a garage in FRONT of the house. I thought the big shed in back was the garage!

  2. Wow! The color changes alone make for such dramatic differences. Your house was great before but now its even better! The kitchen is totally different now too just with the cabinets and different color counter tops. good luck!

  3. Thanks, y’all! Now let’s just hope some potential buyer out there also thinks it’s great.

    And Cat: not just a garage, but a 3-car garage! (Or 2 1/2, I guess – the little one on the side is more for a motorcycle or a riding lawn mower.) The reason you never noticed it is because we’ve never, ever parked in it. That’s the downside of owning a house with no attic or basement: the garage is used for storage.

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