mid-week update

Sorry to leave the barf story at the top for so long, I hope nobody was too grossed out. I’ve been trying to think of something to blog about, so here’s the latest on What We’re Doing:

House Stuff:
1. I think I mentioned that my realtor’s husband might be a teensy bit unreliable when it comes to helping us with our home improvements? Well, he gave me at least five different dates for when he expected he would be done with everything, and not only did he miss every single deadline (self-imposed deadlines, I might add! It wasn’t me asking him to have it done by X date, he was the one making empty promises!), but 90% of the time, he never even showed up. So whatever, we’re done with him. I still like Renee (our realtor) and I know that she’s been mortified by all of this because she’s been in the hospital having her spleen removed (stupid horse with its giant powerful stupid hooves) and she hasn’t been able to keep up with what’s going on with us. So I called our contractor guy to come give us an estimate to finish up the job that Scott didn’t do, and we’ll consider this a lesson learned about mixing friends and business. This is also why you shouldn’t pay people for work in advance. (Don’t ask. Just don’t.)

[Oh, have I ever told y’all that our contractor guy’s name is Paul Newman? He spells his last name slightly differently, but it cracks me up. The first time he called me and said “hi, this is Paul Newman,” I thought it was a prank call. (I knew his name was Paul, I didn’t know his last name.) I always have the urge to ask him what it was like to work with Robert Redford, or how the salad dressing is coming along, or something completely stupid like that. But my guess is that he’s been hearing those jokes for the last 30+ years, so I try to leave it alone.]

2. I also talked with a guy who owns a power-washing company about getting the deck and siding power-washed, so the house will look all shiny and spiffy. He’s working on an estimate for us too. We actually rented a power-washer from Home Depot, got it here, then figured out that it was waaaay too big a job for Dave and me to tackle on our own. So we’re calling in the pro’s.

Work Stuff:
My current project is turning into a huge pain in the butt, but it’s fine. I’m going to end up with a whole lot of billable hours, and I really can’t complain about that.

Baby Stuff:
Nothing really to report, just that she’s awesome and hilarious and we’re having so much fun right now. Oh, and this:

(The camera adds ten pounds, shut up.)

Other Stuff:
Dave and I will be celebrating our three-year anniversary a week from tomorrow (the 15th). I’ve made that our target date for listing the house on the market, so we’ll see how that works out.

And a week after our anniversary, the new Indiana Jones movie comes out. I’ve already talked to Patsy about baby-sitting (she sometimes does after-hours stuff for extra money) so Dave and I can have our anniversary date night then. I can’t wait.

6 thoughts on “mid-week update

  1. So cute! I love the squeals! I also loved the cat tail across the screen in the first few seconds, and then going to sit next to the kitty. šŸ™‚

  2. She does the peekaboo behind my back ALL the time, she thinks it’s the funniest thing. But I agree with Cara, I think my favorite part is when she walks over to Beaumont and squats down next to him. “Hey, what’s going on over here, what are we looking at? Nothing? Ok, guess I’ll move on.”

  3. Good luck with all the house and moving stuff. Having your house on the market and moving with a toddler SUCKS. But it’s allworth it in the end if you’re happy with your destination.

  4. Love the video! I wish Miss C and Sammy were able to be that close but Miss C likes to pet Sammy too much (hasn’t quite figured out how to let go of the fur yet, she thinks its neat to pull it!) so the way Beaumont and Cate interact is extra special!

  5. Well, the other 3 cats see her coming and they flee in terror, so I think Beaumont is definitely “special,” if by special you mean “kind of stupid”. He doesn’t seem to understand that she’s going to yank his fur and pound the bejeezus out of him, he just takes it and purrs away. Such a weirdo.

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