who knew gravel was so much fun?

This past weekend was crazy. First of all, it snowed off & on all weekend long. Snow! In late April! WTF?? I am so over winter, will someone please bring on the spring?

In spite of the crummy weather, Dave and I (taking shifts with Cate) worked like dogs and managed to finish cleaning out the garage. Yay! The dumpster is chock full of garbage, it’s kind of horrifying to see how much junk we’ve accumulated over time. And in spite of a few soul-wrenching, “but wait, what if I need [item] someday?” moments, it felt really good to purge ourselves of all the junk. I won’t lie, though; I threw away some shoes, and boy, that stung. Nevermind that I hadn’t worn them since the mid-90’s, I was still sad to let them go.

Oh, and people: how do you keep a garage clean? Because the spider webs in ours are out of control, and the only way I could think of to remove them was to use the hose attachment on the Dyson. This accomplished two things: 1) It got those spider webs out of there, FAST (zip-zam-zoom, bye-bye, dead bugs!); and 2) it kept me at a nice safe distance from said spider webs so I didn’t have to touch anything remotely cobwebby. But I spent a good couple of hours vacuuming the walls of the garage, and it still doesn’t look clean to me in there. Any other ideas?

The one really fun part of the weekend was yesterday afternoon. It finally stopped snowing and the sun came out for a couple of hours, so we brought Catie outside and let her play in the driveway for a while. She had a BLAST. She had a little plastic tub and she picked up individual gravel rocks to put in her little container and then she’d shake them around. If Dave or I picked up a rock and handed it to her, she’d put it in the tub, then peer in and study it, then remove the rock and hand it back to us. Like, “no thanks, this one doesn’t meet my selection criteria.”

Between playing with the rocks, walking around everywhere, and shrieking with glee at the horse next door, she had a fantastic time. Which, of course, meant that she was in total meltdown mode by the time we went back inside and promptly sacked out for a nap. I usually try to keep her on the one-nap-per-day schedule, but sometimes you gotta bend the routine a little.

Unrelated: today I chased off a coyote for the third time this year. I. Want. To. Move.

2 thoughts on “who knew gravel was so much fun?

  1. As far as cleaning a garage, I know only two ways:
    1. Pay someone
    2. Tell husband it’s his turn to clean the kitchen cabinet fronts. He’ll opt for the garage instead.

    I don’t think either of those will work for you, especially because your kitchen cabinet fronts are brand new.

    I want to see pictures of Cate in the snow!

    The coyotes are telling you that you need to move. Maybe they’ll clean your garage.

  2. Can you imagine if the coyotes were like Cinderella’s little mice friends? Scrub-a-dub-dub!

    We have a cleaning company coming to scrub down the house before it goes on the market. I might see if they do garages too.

    The snow had melted by the time we went outside to play, but would you believe we didn’t take any pictures at all? Dave and I were both all grubby from working in the garage, it just didn’t occur to us to turn it into a photo op. I do have a few other pics that I’ll upload today, though.

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