live from the Pediatric ER

Ok, we’re not actually in the ER anymore, but we’re in the medical unit at Children’s Hospital.

So it looks like Cate has asthma. Not sure if it’s going to be chronic (like Dave’s), or if it’s just something that’s going to be triggered by colds and viruses (like this first episode was). Poor kiddo has been absolutely miserable, but she’s doing a little better tonight, and hopefully we’ll be discharged tomorrow. Worst case scenario is Sunday.

More details as soon as we’re home, I just wanted to go ahead and throw out a little prayer/happy thoughts request before Dave goes home for the night and takes his laptop with him. He was going to stay here with us, but the little couch in the room only sleeps one. The nurses here are awesome, I’m sure we’ll manage ok without him. Although I’ve warned him that he better get his little tush back here early tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “live from the Pediatric ER

  1. Oh, poor little Cate! Hospitals are not a fun place to hang out when you’re 14 months old. Or 14 years. Or 34 years.

    I’m sending all my healthy thoughts and vibes your way. Lots of love to you all.

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