raleigh trip

We’re leaving for our trip to Raleigh tomorrow, and I’m experiencing a combination of excitement and dread right now.

The excitement is because I know that getting to spend time with Cat, Tony & e-baby is going to be so much fun. Also, Dave and I finally get to check out the area and make sure it’s really where we want to live. We’re spending most of Saturday with a realtor, and I’m really looking forward to that.

The dread: I’m not a good flyer to begin with, and flying with a 13 month-old makes it about a hundred times more stressful. Also, this trip means that the reality of moving is starting to sink in, along with all the details that go with it. Finishing the home improvements, listing the house on the market, praying for a buyer, packing, dealing with the million little details that are involved in any move and oh my lord I need to go lie down.

Other factors on my Stress List:
1. Making sure that everything is packed. When we went to Mississippi for Christmas, I packed Dave’s stuff for him, and I think I’ll probably do that again this trip. He tends to pack about 20 minutes before we need to leave for the airport, and I cannot begin to tell you how much that drives me crazy. I like to have everything packed the night before. Since I’m already packing for both me and Cate, what’s one more person?
2. I’m trying to get the house clean, because we’re going to have a friend stopping by to check on the cats while we’re gone, and you know I can’t have people in my house when it’s messy.
3. A dozen other tiny things on my to-do list that, trust me, y’all don’t really care about.

Earlier this week, Cate woke herself up coughing. I heard her on the baby monitor and panicked. She cannot, CANNOT get sick right before we have to fly 3,000 miles across the U.S. But last night I noticed just the faintest bit of white on her gums where her top two teeth are starting to break through, so I think that’s the reason for the coughing. Or at least I hope so.

Everybody cross your fingers that we have a totally dull, uneventful flight tomorrow.

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  1. Fly safe! We can’t wait to see you! Every time I tell E-baby that “Cate is coming to visit,” she signs and says “Girl?! Baby girl?!” She knows. And she has agreed to share all her toys.

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