the kitty/baby love

Cate had a really rough day yesterday. She’s getting another cold – I’m not sure if this one is related to teething or not, because it’s not just a snotty nose, she also has a really nasty-sounding cough (which sounds remarkably like the cough I’ve had myself for the past couple of weeks). The last cold didn’t seem to bother her all that much, but this time it’s totally messed with her normal sleep patterns, so she’s been pretty miserable.

As if the cold weren’t enough, she also:
1. Fell off the couch and bonked her head. That was totally our fault, we should’ve been watching her more closely.
2. Had a MAJOR barfing incident. That was just my fault – I made the mistake of giving her a dose of Baby Motrin after she’d just had a big meal, and apparently it was just enough to trigger her gag reflex.
3. Had to endure a Daddy Bath. I don’t know why it upsets her so much when Dave bathes her, I guess it’s because he doesn’t do it very often, and he doesn’t do the bath routine the exact same way that I do. It’s funny, there are some things that she is totally chill about, and others that she will freak the hell out if it isn’t done the exact same way every time. But I had to clean up the barf-a-thon downstairs, so Dave was the one who gave her a bath, and she howled the entire. damn. time.

After all of that, we lay down on the couch so I could get her to sleep. Or rather, I sat on the couch and lay her down next to me. That was when Beaumont decided to come over and try to comfort her himself.

Cate and Beaumont having a cuddle

It was so funny, he lay in front of her so she could spoon him, and the two of them almost fell asleep like that. (She eventually decided that she wanted a bottle before she’d go to sleep, and that was fine, but it meant the end of snuggle time with the cat.) It just cracks me up to see the way they interact with each other. Total buddies.

3 thoughts on “the kitty/baby love

  1. Aww, Beaumont is such a nice kitty. Our cat definitely doesn’t have that temperment. At least C-baby has a little buddy to hang out with when she’s not feeling great.

  2. What an adorable kittycat. I have a cat that curls up on my son’s chest and purrs in his ear. He is the most attentive little thing I know.

    Cats really do know when we need company.


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