misery and woe

We are all sick as dogs here. With the exception of my mother-in-law, who seems to have an immune system of steel, the rest of us (including her boyfriend Roger) have succumbed to the snotty crud. It’s awful. Nothing like trying to take care of a sick baby when you feel absolutely horrid yourself.

Poor Cate seems to have the worst of it. The pediatrician found that she has the beginning of an ear infection, so we’ve got her some antibiotics to fight that off. She’s also had a really high fever (102.8 last night, 102.4 this morning) and has just been miserable. Last night was the sickest I’ve ever seen her. I tried to give her Tylenol or Motrin on a couple of different occasions, but she was so upset and agitated that she kept vomiting it back up when I put it in her mouth. We let her squirm around on our bed and whimper for a while to get her to settle down, then tried again. I finally managed to get some Tylenol in her, and she seemed to feel a little better after that. But it’s been pretty horrible for the most part.

This morning she coughed up mucus all over me and herself. That was a special little mommy moment that I hadn’t been expecting. Truly lovely.

In other news, my mom had a double mastectomy today. I just heard from my sister, who said that she’s out of surgery and doing fine, so that’s great to hear. My mom has decided to hold off on the implants for a few months. According to the plastic surgeon, this is a little different than the reduction, and the outcome is usually better if you wait for the surgery to heal first, so she’ll go back in for reconstruction in 5-6 months.

This has been the most bizarre week, between my mom’s two surgeries, us getting sick, my in-laws being here (who we haven’t seen since our wedding in 2005), and the upcoming holidays. I really can’t process everything that’s been going on. And the Sudafed isn’t helping either.

Oh, and I’m supposed to go to a meeting tomorrow and actually sound somewhat coherent and smart. Ha! We’ll see about that.

4 thoughts on “misery and woe

  1. I am so sorry that things are so stressful. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. If Cate’s vomiting continues, you might want to call your doc for a suppository prescription for her. Works wonders.

  2. Not sure if they still make Acetaminophen Suppositories; they were a life saver when my kids were going thru this stage (a long time ago!)

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