NaBloPoMo Day 13: feel the pain

I took Cate to the doctor yesterday, since her cold is still not gone and the kiddo has been sick for nearly two weeks now. Her pediatrician has given her another round of antibiotics, this time a stronger one than amoxicillin (Omnicef, I think? I’m not sure since we got the generic). I’m a little afraid of what this is going to do to her stomach, since the amoxicillin gives her such horrible diarrhea. Her doctor said that in addition to the BRAT diet, we can also break an acidophilus capsule and mix the powder in with her food once a day, to try to help maintain the good bacteria in her gut. So we’re working on that, and keeping our fingers crossed. Hopefully this will kill off the cold once and for all, and not send her into Poop Overload in the process.

Meanwhile, last night I went to wipe Cate’s nose, which always results in her doing these hugely dramatic head thrashes to try to escape me and my Evil Kleenex. (Seriously, I can’t wait until she’s old enough to blow her own nose, although just being old enough to understand that I’m trying to help her would be good enough.) Somehow in the middle of it, I missed and accidentally stuck my finger in her mouth, and I noticed that something scratched me. After I took care of her nose, I went back to investigate, and sure enough, she has another little tooth nubby poking out on top.

So besides the horrible snotty cold that won’t die, she’s also been busily cutting a new tooth and I had no idea. I gotta say, my own cold is pretty bad, but I really don’t envy her right now. Poor little munchkin.