happy halloween!

This is what happens when crazy cat people have a baby:


Cate says, “Ooh, kitty! Here, kitty! Me grab kitty fur with fist!”
Beamont says, “The hell? First she takes up all of the humans’ lap space, and now the kid is trying to copy my look? The nerve!”

Thanks to my Mom for making such an awesome costume for Cate’s first Halloween. I think maybe technically she’s a leopard or a jaguar or some such, but we’re keeping it simple and calling it a cat costume.

I took her to daycare today in this costume, and I’m totally planning to drop by the grocery store on the way home so all the checkout ladies (who already know Cate by name and adore her) can ooh and ahh over how adorable she looks.

All of the pictures I took of her this morning are here.

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