recipe for a great workout

  • Take one (1) twenty-pound baby.
  • Place said baby in backpack carrier.
  • Attach backpack carrier to self.
  • Wear baby while doing various household chores, such as: cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming your entire house (including the stairs) and folding laundry.
  • I would not normally have done this, since… well, I’m not insane, but Cate is unfortunately at the peak of separation anxiety where she screams every time I walk out of a room. Since I needed to clean and was going to be back and forth all over the house, I thought it would be easier to just strap her on my back and get on with it.

    And honestly, it was easier. She was happy as a clam to come along for the ride while I did everything. But man, thank God for ibuprofen, because my back isn’t sure when it will forgive me for that little stunt.

    Aside: Cate is trying really hard these days to figure out how to crawl, but so far all she can do is get her knees sort of halfway underneath herself, and then she proceeds to scoot backwards across the floor. Is that normal? Dave and I both find it hysterically funny to watch her try to figure it out. It’s weird, though – on the one hand, I dread crawling because it means we have to start childproofing the house, and I haven’t done the first thing in that regard. On the other, when she’s mobile and can follow me rather than scream when I walk out of a room? That sounds pretty awesome.

    5 thoughts on “recipe for a great workout

    1. Both my sisters did the backwards scoot before the crawl, and both were rather cranky when they were on the verge of crawling but weren’t *quite* mobile yet. Man, once the crawling started, happy days returned and the toilet covers, safety latches, and outlet covers arrived.

    2. Wow! That’s a wonderful picture of both of you! As soon as I get home (I’m with AlphaGal and crew) it’s going on my refrigerator! That, btw, is the gallery of very special people at our house!
      Scooting backward and turning in circles are fairly common starts to forward locomotion. There’s also the head plow. You should get a video of her doing it so you can show it to her first prom date!
      Hugs and kisses to all.
      Love, Susie

    3. Blackmail videos. Sounds like DH. He even suggested the very first picture we have of our Miss C (the one where is she is getting weighed immediately after birth!) is good blackmail. Wow. Guess we have to do what we have to protect our little angels!

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