hey la, hey la, my paycheck's back

The interview for the part-time job at the Giant Software Company went well. It seems like an ok job – nothing exciting, but you know, I could do it and not feel like throwing myself out of a window. Coming up with some type of daycare solution would really be the only problem.

But you know, these things can never seem to be isolated incidents. When I got home from the interview, I had an email about another company that wanted to interview me today. This company is one that I interviewed with a year ago, and who I turned down because they wanted me to be a full-time project manager (in the office 40-50 hours a week) and I had just gotten pregnant. Apparently when they found out I was on the job market again, they wanted to get me back.

It was the weirdest thing – I walked in and the guy said, “This isn’t really an interview. We already know we want you, so let’s talk about what you want to do.” Um, ok!

So, I’m going to be doing some technical writing, which is 100% work-from-home. It’s all project-based, meaning that I might be working on an online course one month, and a technical article the next month. Depending on the project, some might require full-time hours and some might be part-time. And there could be downtime between projects where I wouldn’t be making any money, but that’s really fine with me. The point is that I can work and use my brain without even getting out of my pajamas.

I suspect that I’ll need to hire at least a part-time babysitter or nanny for Cate, but that sounds a whole lot less daunting than trying to find a daycare. Heck, there are enough teenage girls in this neighborhood that keeping us covered for the summer shouldn’t be a problem. There are two 12 year-old girls who both seem eager to baby-sit. I wouldn’t normally leave Cate with a 12 year-old, but if Dave and I are both in the house and we just need some quiet time to concentrate? I think it’ll be fine.

Also, I asked about the telecommuting thing, and whether their employees need to be local because “my husband and I are talking about moving in a couple of years.” (Ok, it’s kind of a lie, but nothing about the move is set in stone yet, and I wanted to see how he reacted before I got into all of that.) He said that they have people working remotely all over the world, and certainly if they’ve established a working relationship with me and know that I do good work, they’ll bend over backward to accomodate me wherever I want to go.

So, in short: WOO-HOO!!!!

It’s weird, I was so unsure about whether or not I wanted to be working, and this just totally fell in my lap and I think it’s the most ideal scenario that I could possibly ask for. I have a really good feeling about it, I think it’s going to be great.

And I think it goes without saying, but yes, I got an offer from the Giant Software Company, and I turned them down. C’est la vie!

3 thoughts on “hey la, hey la, my paycheck's back

  1. I was reading random blogs and came across yours. I saw that you mentioned that you were a technical writer. I will be attending school in the fall to begin working toward a career in technical writing/instructional design.
    Anything you can tell me about what to expect, or programs to familiarize myself with, or what some typical projects/jobs would be link would be very appreciated.
    Thank you!
    P.S. Congrats on landing the job!

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