eight and a half!

Last night, Cate slept from midnight until 8:30 this morning.

(Drops to knees, sings “hallelujah” chorus.)

She might’ve slept longer, except I did that new-mommy panic thing where you think “oh god, she hasn’t woken up yet, something must be wrong,” so I crept into the nursery to check on her. And she was just fine. She had gotten one arm out of her swaddling blanket and was holding it up in sort of a “fight the power” fist above her head, but otherwise she was still pink, still breathing, and most importantly, sound asleep.

Of course, ten seconds after I tiptoed out of the room, she woke up. Stupid creaky floorboards.

And I realize that I have just totally jinxed myself by writing about this, and she’ll probably never do it again until she’s 15. Oh well. For now, me = ecstatic.

6 thoughts on “eight and a half!

  1. No way, you’re not jinxed. Girl wants to SLEEP! 🙂

    Now if you can get her to sleep through the creaky floorboards, you’ll have to tell me the secret. That, or the “tap” of the door touching the door-jam as you shut it again.

  2. Again, another learning experience for us. I guess once they get to the nursery, they just want to sleep alone! One of you (or someone!) mentioned that babies seem to sleep better in their nurseries because the parents are more likely to let them sleep rather than jump up at every sound. I can’t say I will move Little Miss C before 3 months (we’re already familiar with that discussion), but it does sound like Cate has the system wired! Question is, how do you work it when you have to get her up for “school”? Do you put her down that much earlier? Thoughts?

  3. Liz: I can’t say, since we don’t have any sort of set schedule like that in our house (yet). When Cate’s up for the day, so am I. Cat could probably be more help on that topic. I would guess that yes, you’d probably just put her down earlier if she needed to get up early in the morning.

    Honestly, I look forward to the day that she sleeps long enough that I could put her down a couple of hours earlier, and maybe have a little time to talk with Dave before I go to bed, rather than collapsing the second that I put her in her crib. 🙂

  4. That’s awesome. Zachary slept for like 7 hours the night before last and I was singing too – of course, *I* woke up at hour 6 thinking…uhhh… is he OK?? LOL

  5. Last night she slept for seven hours, then went back to sleep for another two. So definitely no complaints!

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