her taste in music clearly comes from Dave's side

The other night, I was watching a “Will & Grace” rerun on Lifetime (they apparently don’t use that Television for Women tagline anymore, which makes me a little sad because it was totally appropriate). I wasn’t really watching it, it was more just background noise while I was playing with Cate. During one of the commercial breaks, an ad for those ugly old-lady bras came on. You know, the 18-hour things that are 100% functional, 0% sexy? Yeah, those.

So, the ad is on, and I start singing along with it, because I’m stupid like that. Cate laughs and laughs. I try singing it again a few minutes later, and again she thinks it’s funny. Three days later, every time I sing the song, she thinks it’s an absolute riot.

Want to try to guess the song?

You’ll never guess.

“I’m Every Woman.”

I kid you not. Apparently Baby Girl likes her Chaka Khan. Who’da thunk it?

And because I’m a huge dork and all I know is the chorus, I’m actually downloading the song on iTunes right now so I can sing the whole thing for her.

4 thoughts on “her taste in music clearly comes from Dave's side

  1. Awesome baby-girl-power song! You should download some Aretha and teach her to really get down!

    If she loves sing-alongs, then you know she comes by it honestly, and she’ll have a ball at family gatherings.

  2. Chaka Khan?? you think that comes from *my* side?

    I’m not the one with the Xanadu soundtrack on my iPod missy!

  3. Too cool! I sing along with just about anything at this point and can’t wait to see Miss C respond. You’re so lucky that Cate is so easily entertained! šŸ˜‰ Plus, you figured out how to get Dave to post on the blog!

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