fun with gas

Cate seems to have entered the colic stage, so our evenings are filled with much screaming. I’m not sure why she’s ok in the morning, but there you go. Anyway, since colic seems to be gas related, this is a good example of how Dave and I are spending an awful lot of our time right now:

I’m not sure if anyone else will find that nearly as funny as I do, probably because I’m completely exhausted, and because I suddenly have a great appreciation for the few non-screamy moments that we get right now.

Oh, and yes, we are trying a few things to ease her discomfort – peppermint candies dissolved in water seem to help (sugar water is a laxative, peppermint is a tummy soother), as do the infant gas relief drops in her bottles. And I’ve gone back to trying some of the tricks from The Happiest Baby on the Block, but that only seems to work for a couple of minutes, and then she’ll start screaming again. Dave says that you can practically watch her mind going, “Hmm, this is ok. Let’s see… am I still upset? Why yes, I think I am. Waaaaahhhhh!!!!” 

So yeah, that’s fun.

2 thoughts on “fun with gas

  1. Oh, that’s too cute. I love the video. And I’m so sorry about the colic. She’s starting it pretty late, though, so maybe it won’t last too long.

    I guess keep trying everything until something works or until she outgrows it. For us, it was a matter of getting the house dark and quiet in the evenings and swaddling/using the pacifier. But of course every baby is different and you’ll find what works best for Cate.

  2. When Emily had gas in her lower tummy, she’d get some relief when we laid her on her back and moved her legs like she was riding a bike, if you haven’t heard of that trick already. Hang in there.

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