38 weeks

Yesterday was my last obstetrician appointment before we get this baby out of me, through one means or another. It was kind of weird to leave without scheduling my next follow-up appointment, since I’ve been doing that for the better part of the last year. I mean, I know I’m going to be seeing my doctor within the next week, but I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the office staff there, and to walk out with just a “ok, see you later!” felt kind of odd.

The good news? I’m already dilated 2 1/2 centimeters. Boo-yah! So if we do have to induce next week, at least I’m not starting from zero, which apparently makes the whole process a bit easier. And faster. I like that.

Even better news? Ever since she examined me yesterday, I’ve been having lots of weird crampy, Braxton-Hicks type sensations, and I feel distinctly more bow-legged when I walk. So that’s making me wonder if I’ll go into labor on my own at some point this week and not even have to be induced. I told Dave last night that I had a strong feeling that it was going to happen this week. Of course, I also had a strong feeling that this baby was going to be a boy, so obviously my pregnancy instincts kind of suck and I probably shouldn’t put too much faith in them.

The best-best-best news ever? Even if I don’t go into labor on my own this week, I only have six days left until this baby is born. SIX DAYS. Hallelujah!

I’m at the point where I’m so completely desparate to get this baby out of me that I’m considering trying some of the old wives’ tales for naturally inducing labor. Well, at least one of them. You know the one. (Hint: it doesn’t involve spicy food or castor oil.) Yeah, that one. Pray for Dave.

Oh, and apparently the hospital just recently got free wireless Internet access, so whether it’s this week or next Monday, I think I’m going to be dragging my laptop along with me. I doubt that I’ll be live-blogging through the birth – I mean, I know I’m a nerd and all, but that’s pretty hardcore, even for me. (Although I hear that when they induce, they give you Demerol along with the pitocin to counter-act the pain of the contractions. And I’m sure that being high on narcotics would make for some interesting blog fodder. So, who knows.) But at least I should be able to let y’all know when she arrives, and maybe get a photo online or something.

Dave will almost definitely have his laptop too, because if we go with the induction route, I’m sure there’s going to be some downtime – especially at the beginning. And there’s no point in him just sitting around bored all day. However, I have already warned him that if he starts playing World of Warcraft while I’m in active labor, I may have no choice but to bludgeon him to death with my Boppy pillow.

(That’s a total joke, btw. I’m fully expecting him to be a nervous wreck the whole time.)

5 thoughts on “38 weeks

  1. Congratulations on the progress and all the good news! You should post one last “before” picture of you with baby girl on the inside. Can’t wait to “meet” her on the internets!

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for you it’s like waiting for my own baby all over again. What a rush to know you won’t be back in the doctor’s office until after babygirl is born! I was trying to remember- was the due date of 2/2/07 based on measurements, or on your cycle, or did those two match?

  3. February 2nd was because I had been charting my cycles, and I know exactly when we made this baby. My doctor’s estimated due date was February 4th, but I kind of ignored that.

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