ready to scream

Lest anyone think that everything is all hunky-dory in our part of the world (ha! ha, ha!), here’s the latest:

1. My family will all be on their respective airplanes, heading toward Seattle, in approximately 12 hours.

2. We still have no electricity.

You have no idea how badly I wish I could drink right now. I know pregnant women are permitted to have the occasional glass of wine, but since I don’t like wine, that doesn’t help me very much. Can anyone dig up some fetal health benefits of vodka? If I mix it with cranberry juice, it would be good for my kidneys, right? Anyone?


The good news is that we’re hearing stories of people in Duvall (the town we live in) getting their electricity back today. So at least it’s getting closer to us? I hope?

For the record, we originally lost our power on Thursday, December 14th. It is now almost Friday, December 22nd. That means we’re going into Day Nine. Holy god.

Oh, and here’s another important life lesson which I can thank my sister for: did you know that dry cleaners will do your regular laundry for you? I guess this is something she’s picked up living in Manhattan, but I had no idea that it was universally true. But apparently it is, and Dave and I now have clean clothes for about the same cost that it would’ve been to haul all of it to a coin-op laundromat and do it myself. So that’s awesome.

One of our friends, who lives in town (and by “in town,” I mean within the city limits of Duvall, as opposed to the unincorporated part like us), stopped by tonight to drop off our Christmas card in person, and to check to see if we had our power back yet. (She had just gotten hers back on.) As luck would have it, she’s a real estate agent, so I told her all about my plans to move to the suburbs as soon as it’s feasibly possible. Moving isn’t really an option right now, but it could potentially happen later this year (maybe in the summer), so she and I are going to sit down in a few months and have a serious talk about that.

I’m not kidding, I don’t think I can deal with another winter in this house.

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