cushiony goodness

Yesterday, I bought a body pillow. I really didn’t want to get one, and I held off as long as I could, but I finally caved. I honestly have sort of a problem with the idea of body pillows. It’s fine if it’s on my side of the bed, but if I roll over and drag it with me, then there’s sort of this “line of demarcation” down the center of the bed between me and Dave, and I didn’t like that. Not that we’re very cuddly sleepers, but still. It didn’t seem like a romantic addition to our current stock of bedding accessories.

Another reason why I didn’t want to buy one was because I kept thinking that if I only use the body pillow during pregnancy, where on earth am I going to store the damn thing later? There’s so much stuff that we’re going to have to acquire for the baby, that it’s making me go through this phase where I don’t want to buy anything for myself that falls into the category of “crap I don’t really need.” And I don’t know how familiar y’all are with body pillows, but those things are huge. When I put it in my car, the pillow alone took up the entire length of my backseat. My linen closet is full, I have no idea where this pillow will go when I’m done having babies. I guess it’ll go in a hefty bag in the garage, like so many other things have done in the past.

Also, I guess I figured that since we have at least a dozen or so regular-size pillows in our house, surely I could arrange them all in such a way that I could sleep comfortably at night. That’s logical, right?

The thing is, I could arrange them all, but then I’d have to rearrange them every time I rolled over. And sometimes I’d wake up because one of my hips would start to hurt. (Usually the hip of the side that I was lying on.) Or sometimes I’d wake up because I had rolled into a position where I was half on my stomach, and the baby decided to let me know that she wasn’t too happy about that.

Anyway, last night? With the sleeping? And the body pillow? That might possibly have been the best night’s sleep that I’ve gotten in the last two months. And I had no weird creaky/achy things when I woke up today. I think I’m in love.

Consider this my formal apology to the body pillow manufacturers of the world: you were right, I was wrong. That was the best $9.99 that I’ve spent in a very long time. I shall never speak ill of you again. And if you let me know your address, I’ll send you a box of candy.

6 thoughts on “cushiony goodness

  1. Thanks, Danielle. I’m glad to know we’re not the only people on earth who consider garbage bags a perfectly legitimate method of storage. 🙂

  2. I, too, couldn’t have slept the last two trimesters without a body pillow. When Gaby first went into her “big girl” bed, we used it to sort of block off one side of the bed for her (close to the wall, so she would stop banging into the wall).
    Do you have a birthing ball? (a huge inflated exercise ball) That was the second best thing I bought while pregnant. It’s now deflated, and in a box somewhere (I think).

  3. Yeah, the “birthing ball”– which I just call an exercise ball, because I had it already for teaching aerobics classes– was the best gadget I had for pregnancy, too. I couldn’t sit on anything else sometimes because my body was so heavy that my butt hurt just sitting on regular furniture. The ball never let me down. But I’ll keep using it for abs!

    I’m glad you got some good sleep!

  4. Dude, I have no babies, but I have slept with a body pillow for the past 7 years and totally love it. At my house, we call it “pillow friend.”

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