the second trimester begins…

…and the mania has set in.

It is amazing how quickly my energy level has come back. I’ve started interviewing contractors to help us with the hundred or so jobs that I want to do around the house before the baby arrives. (I have a list, with the tasks numbered in order of priority. And it’s typed, because my handwriting is atrocious. Each contractor that comes to our house gets their own copy to keep, so they can use it as a reference when writing their estimate.) I’m a big fan of do-it-yourself and all that, but honestly, when Dave and I do some little house project, it tends to look like crap. Also, we both have A.D.D. about our home improvement projects, so we get 80% done and then get bored and move on to something else.

So for things like baseboards and crown moulding that require things to be sawed into exact angles? And where the work needs to be fully completed so it doesn’t look like we live in the Crazy House? Um. No. We’re going to hire help for that.

That reminds me: you know the luck we’ve had with contractors in the past? Like with the siding, and the septic tank, and the dozen or so other things that we’ve spent thousands of dollars on? Yeah. Pray for us.

I guess because I had home improvements on my mind, and even in spite of the fact that I had just admitted to three or four different contractors that I suck at do-it-myself stuff, I decided on Saturday that I was going to paint our dining and living room. Just me. By myself. Because Dave was out working in the yard – and y’all should really see the amount of work he’s done out there, because it is awesome, and I won’t even try to accuse him of using yardwork as an excuse to avoid me and my freshly onset nesting psychosis. Although seriously, that may have been a big motivation for him.

At one point (last Saturday, I think?), when I was manically rattling off my to-do list of errands that I was going to run and things that I was going to accomplish that day, Dave looked at me and said, “Hon, are you really stressed out or something?” I thought about it for a second, and then said, “No, I think I’m just hyper.” It kind of struck me by surprise when I said it out loud. I’ve been feeling so awful for the last several weeks that suddenly having a burst of energy felt totally foreign to me. And I’m guessing it was foreign to Dave too, since he seemed so confused and sort of worried about me at first.

So, I got the entire dining room primed, and most of one wall painted. I only bought one little test quart of the paint color, because I wanted to leave it on the wall for a day or two to make sure that I love it. And I do. So I’ll be finishing the dining room and moving on to the living room sometime this week. Rah! I don’t know how long this whole nesting thing will hold out, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Also? Kris is going to come over on Saturday to help me paint. We’ll have ourselves a little living room painting party. I don’t know why she isn’t trembling in fear over my nesting mania, but hey, I’ll take all the help I can get.

6 thoughts on “the second trimester begins…

  1. message for Dave: I have a spare room over here you can use for, say, 2 trimesters…..

  2. Plane tickets have already been boughten Dave đŸ™‚

    Nah, the crazy nesting thing is motivation to get stuff done that we’ve been putting off for ever; so it’s kind of good.

    Our house has been affectionately renamed ‘The Money Pit’

  3. Hooray for second trimester energy! I went sort of nutso in both my second and third trimesters with the nesting thing. Culminating with cooking enough food to fill my entire freezer and feed us for a month — the day before I went into labor.
    Have fun painting this weekend!

  4. The dining & living rooms were both green. They will now be beige, with white trim. Very simple and clean-looking.

    I’m focusing on resale value, since I know we’re going to be selling in about five years or so. (I don’t like the school district here.)

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