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The latest on the siding is that there is no news. I called and complained yesterday morning, and they told the guy (Chuck) to stop working and leave. He did. Now we’re waiting for one of their head honcho guys to come out and look at the wall that we’re not happy about, so we can decide how to proceed from here. At least this company is listening to me and taking my complaint seriously, so I guess I can live with that.

In other news, something has happened this week and my stomach is suddenly very obvious. I don’t really understand that. I’ve heard women talk about how your belly “pops” at some point, but it’s kind of insane how it happened literally overnight.

Tuesday evening, I went to my prenatal yoga class, and I felt sort of self-conscious because I was the only one there in my first trimester, and the only one who wasn’t showing. (The teacher, btw, applauded my effort to start early. She said she has lots of women who come in during their 32nd week and are all, “Ok, I’m ready to start yoga now!” Better late than never, I guess?)

Wednesday morning, I woke up, and it was suddenly “oh hello there, tummy, where did you come from?” Dave wouldn’t stop poking at it because he seemed convinced that it was all just gas. (Nice.) But it’s not gas, it’s just… there. The weird thing is that my jeans still fit, because all of the tummy expansion seems to be above my belly button. I’ve had to give up belts, of course, and my tighter jeans don’t stand a chance. But my looser jeans still button just fine and don’t really pinch on me at all.

I have two supporting anecdotes to prove that this is not all in my head:
1) I was walking through the lobby at work, and there were two women sitting there. One of them looked at me, then turned back to her friend, and said, “Oh, do you remember so-and-so? Did you know that she’s pregnant now?” Apparently just the sight of me causes others to think of the subject of pregnancy.

2) Yesterday, the checkout girl at the grocery store asked me if I was pregnant. That’s the first time a total stranger has noticed. I wasn’t wearing a maternity shirt, just an extra-large t-shirt and jeans, so it occurred to me that it was a really stupid thing for her to ask. She isn’t one of the checkout people that I see all the time, so it’s not like she knows my “normal” body as a frame of reference. That could’ve potentially been very awkward. Lucky for her, I am indeed pregnant, so I wasn’t offended.

Oh, even weirder? I still haven’t gained any weight. I don’t know how that’s possible, because it certainly isn’t like the rest of me is shrinking at all. I guess things are just shifting around in there.

I’ll be eleven weeks pregnant tomorrow. I suppose I should start posting some belly shots so y’all can see the tummy for yourselves. I’ll try to do that this weekend.

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  2. Thanks KoalaBaby4Pack, I think you make a valid point. The Baby Crib Bassinet is indeed the answer to all our siding problems, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Good for you for going to yoga. When I was pregnant with Gaby, I did yoga in our living room because I didn’t have time to go to a class. The next time around, I’ll probably do the same thing, except Gabs loves to do yoga to the kit Gwen gave me, so it’ll be two of us instead.
    Also? You don’t need it yet, but when you get bigger? The exercise ball (the big inflatable ones) are the best things ever.

  4. I tell you, there is a kernel of truth to the myth that “you can just tell” when someone is pregnant. A number of people could tell with me long before I was showing– one friend knew before *I* knew– and I’ve found myself guessing that 2 colleagues were pregnant before they told anyone, and before they were showing. The checkout girl may have picked up on your glow and guessed that the little pooch was a baby-pooch, and not jelly doughnuts.

    Now I gotta go eat some jelly doughnuts.

    Can’t wait to see belly pictures!

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