number 400

This is my 400th blog post. I’m not sure if that’s worth noting or not, I just thought it was neat.

My friend Leslie flew up to visit this past weekend. She lives in California, so it’s a pretty short flight. I hadn’t seen her in what feels like a long time, but I suppose it’s actually only been a year, since she picked me up from the airport when I flew to Memphis for my bachelorette party (and um, drove me back to the airport when I realized I had left my wallet on the plane and nearly had a stroke; the cleaning people found it, all was well).

Leslie and Kris have been friends since high school, and I know this whole moving transition has been hard on Kris, so I thought it’d help to have Leslie around for a couple of days. Familiar face and all that. I was a little worried about Dave, since the house was going to be pretty much on Estrogen Overload, but he did ok. He and Leslie actually seem to have quite a bit in common, down to watching the same horrible shows on the Sci-Fi channel. (Not that I’ve ever tried to watch them, I just mock in ignorance.)

Luckily, Leslie is one of those mellow kinds of friends that you don’t have to worry about entertaining 24/7. Case in point: before I had my surgery a few years ago, I had to have an endoscopy. Leslie was going to be in Portland visiting another friend of hers, so she came up to Seattle just to drive me home from the hospital and baby-sit my drugged-out self for the afternoon. Isn’t that sweet? I love her.

So, the weekend overall was pretty mellow and nice. Kris and Leslie hung out by themselves on Saturday, because I was tired and lazy and not feeling well. While they were enjoying the Asian Art Museum (which I’ve never been to, because I didn’t know it existed; how’s that for familiarizing myself with the city I’ve lived in for the past 5 years?), I was taking a nap. Which was lovely. I went along with them on Sunday, although there wasn’t much involved in the day’s activities: we went to see an apartment that Kris is considering, we shopped at Trader Joe’s (which Kris had never been to before, so that was fun), and just generally milled around. We had to take Leslie to the airport that afternoon, and I was sort of sad that she had to leave. She’s so easy to be around, I wish she lived closer, but she seems to love Santa Cruz. Oh well.

Other than that, there isn’t much going on. We’ve had a dog trainer come over for the past few Saturdays to help out with Lucky. Not that she has any major behavioral problems, it’s mostly just little things like learning some basic commands and trying to get her better at walking on the leash. That’s been fun – and very educational for me, since I know squat about dogs. Oh, and we learned that Lucky wigs the hell out over a laser pointer, so we’ve been exploiting that for all it’s worth. Rainy days when no one feels like walking the dog? Bust out the laser pointer for about 10 minutes, and watch her literally try to chase the little red dot up the walls. She gets so excited when she’s running around chasing it that she has made our 6′ x 9′ living room rug (with the coffee table still on it) skid all the way across the room. It’s a pretty hilarious sight to witness.

Aaaaand… that’s about it from my world. How are you?