post-birthday wrap-up

So that whole turning 30 thing happened. I still don’t have anything to say about it, except that my one lone gray hair is now bugging me more than it did when I first discovered it two months ago. I’ve suddenly started considering things like highlights, or ooh! Maybe a perm! That’s probably a dangerous road to go down, but these are the thoughts in my head lately. Sort of a “change my hair, change my life” thing. Not that my life is bad at all (far from it), it’s just the age part that’s bugging me.

Anyway, I did pretty well this year, gift-wise. I got a pair of jeans from my sister (which give good booty), cash from my parents (my favorite!), pajamas from Kris, and both a massage and a manicure from other assorted friends. Dave did well too, he got me a very pretty bracelet with my birthstone on it, a heart rate monitor thingy for working out, and my favorite… a TiVo! And hopefully within the next few days, we’ll figure out how the damn thing works! Dave gets major points for that, because not only did he get exactly what I asked for (the TiVo, that is), he’s also handled all of the setting up business, which probably would’ve reduced me to tears ages ago if it had been left up to me. It’s not as easy as you’d think it would be, for a company whose logo consists of a cartoon television with feet. Hmph. I’m sure I’ll love it eventually, though. (And a random aside: this story about Mimi Smartypants’ daughter’s reaction to the TiVo logo cracks me up.)

Oh, and you might recall how I was supposed to be going to Memphis tomorrow to help Kris move up here? Well, her boss changed her end date, so she couldn’t come up here exactly when we’d planned. So now I’m flying down on Thursday, February 16th. It’s still less than a month from now, so I’m not totally distraught about the date change. In fact, it gives me time to (hopefully) fix up the house a bit before she gets here. So that’s fine. But I am a little sad that I won’t be seeing her tomorrow like we’d planned last month.

Totally unrelated: Back when I got this job in late November, I took my resume down from all of the Internet job boards where I had posted it. However, I still occasionally get contacted by staffing firms who have my resume stored in their database. This is only noteworthy because I get some of the oddest job offers ever this way. Case in point: today I got an email about a 6-month contract for a job that is totally not in my area of expertise, which just happens to be located in northwest Montana. It’s tempting to write back with something like, “You want me to abandon my husband, our home & our pets and move to Montana in January? Ha! Haaaaaaa!! Are you INSANE?!?” But I’m always polite and end up saying something like, “I’m currently staffed on a contract until the end of June, and I’d really be unable to relocate after that. But thanks for considering me, and have a great day!” I’d love to write back with something totally snarky someday. Sigh, dreams…

6 thoughts on “post-birthday wrap-up

  1. ” In fact, it gives me time to (hopefully) fix up the house a bit before she gets here.” – so you’re not doing that for when I arrive in 10 days then?!!

  2. Actually, I have a list of things to do before you get here. Dave keeps saying it doesn’t matter because you won’t care, and I keep saying that it does matter FOR THE SAKE OF MY OWN SANITY.

  3. I have to say – Dave is right – I won’t care, but for the sake of your OCD – you go girl!!

  4. I’m with Tracy! Please, please, please in the name of all that is holy, no perm. It can only end in tears.

  5. I sort of vote for the perm. I mean, it won’t be like a 7th grade perm, right? And even if it were, you could blog about how bad it is, etc.

    Happy belated birthday!

    30 is not bad. I mean, unless your life already sucks, and then you get to say to yourself, “And I’m 30!” But since your life is pretty good, it should only be a “eh, I’m 30” kind of deal. It holds a special novelty power.

    I found that 31 was more traumatic since it indicated that I was in my 30s, not just plain old 30.

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