My future brother-in-law (aka Dave’s brother), Steve, is coming here from the UK to live with us for about 3 months. He wants to start his own landscaping business, and since we live on 2 acres that’s pretty much completely un-landscaped (calling it a mess would be far too kind), this seems like as good a place as any for him to start building a portfolio. We’re going to do before & after pictures and everything. I’m reallly excited to see what he has in store for us. I know that he’s going to extend the deck around the side of the house – so the French doors in the dining room will no longer open up to a 3-foot drop to the ground – but other than that, I have no idea what else he has planned. It’s a weird thing about having this much space, it seems overwhelming to gardening novices such as myself, so I can’t really envision how it’s going to look, but I’m sure it’ll be great.

Anyway, since Steve is going to be arriving on Wednesday, I am in hyper-housecleaning mode. Not that he really cares how it looks – I mean, the reason he’s coming here is to help us out with our home improvements – this is just my reaction to any visitor’s arrival. (I think I inherited this “Oh crap, people are coming! Quick, tidy up the house!” gene from my mother.) Today, I vacuumed the stairs. I even used the hose attachment to get in all of the little corners where cat hair tends to accumulate. Has anyone actually tried to vacuum a flight of stairs? It’s no easy task, I assure you. That was quite an impromptu little cardio workout that I gave myself. I also rearranged the furniture in the living room – which probably would’ve been easier if I had waited for Dave to get home to help me, but I was determined to do it myself so he’ll be surprised when he gets back. Cleaning is also the primary item on the weekend agenda. If we’re efficient enough, we might even get around to painting my soon-to-be office so I can start putting furniture in there. (It’s sort of a puke green right now. No thank you.)

So yeah, that’s about all that’s going on right now. Monday is my last day at my current (old) job. I don’t start at the Big Software Company until March 14th, so it’ll suck to have no income for 2 weeks, but we’ll catch up. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “vacuum-robics?

  1. Cidny – Oh dear please don't clean. Steve I am afraid is no different to Dave. From when they were old enough to crawl they have been untidy. Steve out in the back garden in the rain digging and building and messing up and ruining everything around him (he has improved since then – Out of chaos now comes beauty!) Dave in his room throwing paper pens and any other utility not in use on the floor. To remain there forever!! Relax Cindy and keep cool in all adversity!!!!!Take care my future Daughter-in-Law

  2. Hi Mags! I think I'm just using Steve's arrival as an excuse. I've been wanting this house to feel tidy and organized for a while, and this feels like a good time to do it. I'm much calmer when everything is in its place. Oh, and I should tell you that as I'm writing this, your oldest son is upstairs painting my future office all by himself. We made a bargain – I'll clean & do laundry if he does the painting, which I hate doing. It works out pretty well.

  3. we have a big ugly yard & a guest room. maybe we should start an exchange program for new biz startups?

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