achey heads, etc.

I feel like I should write something, but there’s not much going on. Here’s the summary of my week thus far:
* Monday – I don’t remember anything specific, so obviously nothing too important happened.

* Tuesday – Got up early and went to Dave’s to sit & wait for the furniture delivery guys, because Dave had meetings to go to. I brought my laptop so I could work from his house, and I got more accomplished in 3 hours there than I usually get done in an entire day when I’m working from my apartment. Maybe it’s because my apartment has too many distractions – although Beaumont wanting to drool all over my iPod while I was trying to work didn’t really help matters. Damn cat. Anyway, the furniture arrived (and yes, it is gorgeous; pictures of the remodeled living room will be posted as soon as we finish the floors), then I went to meet Dave at a really gross, smoky dive of a pub for lunch, which happened to have excellent food. I went home, worked a little more, and developed a monstrous headache. Went to bed early.

* Wednesday – Monstrous headache, day 2. Worked from home until about 1:00, then I took one of my big-time super-duper painkillers (mild narcotic), which knocked me out for the rest of the afternoon. When I woke up, my head still hurt, plus I was shaky and sweaty, in spite of the fact that my apartment was cold and the fans were on. (It was about 60 degrees outside, and all my windows were open.) I called my mom, she told me to go to the emergency room. I decided that was silly, so just in case this had something to do with malnutrition (I hadn’t eaten much all day), I took an iron pill, drank a protein shake, and sat in front of the open sliding glass door to cool off. The shaky/sweaty phase passed, although my head still hurt. I went to bed early again.

* Thursday (today) – Day 3 of the Headache That Won’t Die. When Kris (Mickie-G) was here, she left a bottle of muscle relaxers that her doctor had given her for migraines, so I took one. Yes, I know it’s wrong to take other people’s prescriptions, but I was desparate, dammit. Anyway, it worked – the headache went away, although it made me feel kind of stoned. Not really sleepy or groggy, everything just seemed… soft. It was enough that I could finally stand the light in my bathroom long enough to put my make-up on, and I walked to the office. (I figured driving was a bad idea, and besides, I need the exercise.) I’ve been surprisingly productive this afternoon, considering my chemically-induced state of mind. But now the muscle relaxer is starting to wear off and I can feel the headache starting up again in the back of my head. This is getting old really fast, I’m starting to wonder if I have a tumor. (Every time I think of that word, I think of Arnold in Kindergarten Cop: “It’s not a tu-mah!”) Does anyone know what the hell would cause a 3-day headache? I really don’t want to make a doctor’s appointment about a headache, but it’s getting to the point where I think I might have to.

Also, this is off the subject, but what gives with my peeps not updating their blogs? Write, people!! I need stuff to read during my downtime at work. It doesn’t have to be interesting – look at the boring junk that I post here. Just write SOMETHING.