What with all the apartment brou-ha-ha, I forgot to mention that I went on yet another totally boring date on Friday night. I’ve evolved from Miata-boy to Motorcycle-guy. Why do some men get so hung up on things that go fast? Here’s a tip for you fellas that read this: if you’re on a date with a girl and you keep talking about how cool your chosen mode of transportation is, and you notice her yawning a lot, this is not an invitation for sex. Do not mistake dozing off in the mashed potatoes with bedroom eyes. I know that body language is confusing, and there are very fine lines of distinction, but what this actually means is: change the subject NOW!! Sheesh. At the rate I’m going with this whole dating thing, I’m almost ready to go on strike & swear myself off boys altogether. At least until conditions (i.e., my judgment skills) show signs of improving.