dilated pupils

I had my eyes checked today. For the past couple of months, I’ve been getting sort of weird headaches behind my eyes, and it’s been about 5 years since my last check-up, so I figured it was time. Turns out I’m far-sighted, and I need glasses. Which is no big deal, I don’t have any weird self-image hang-ups about them making me less attractive or anything like that. If anything, I think it’ll work with my “nerdy girl” image.

Then, of course, they wanted me to pick out frames to get my glasses, but my pupils had been dilated so I couldn’t see anything in the mirror except a distorted blur of my face, and my mascara was shot from the eyedrops, so even if I had been able to see, I think I probably would’ve thought that I looked like crap… So I had them give me my prescription and I’ll worry about the frames later. But at least I got the exam part over & done with. I had to call Nate to come pick me up because I was scared to drive while everything was blurry. I slept it off for a couple of hours, then he came & got me, and took me back to get my car.

Tonight, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Krissy & I decided to go to Neighbours, because we figured that there’s no better place than a gay bar for two single straight girls on this particular evening. Then Scott called, and I coerced him into coming along with us. I figure that if we have to be forced to witness any public displays of affection, at least it won’t be from guy-girl couples. So let’s recap: I’m going to a gay bar with my crazy drama-provoking friend and my ex-boyfriend. On Valentine’s Day. Hmm. Should make for an interesting story, if nothing else.